Wednesday, 16 October 2013



Good morning!
As my regular readers will know, my husband and I were fortunate to visit Rome this last weekend,  accompanied by our three 'young adult' children......which was such a wonderful treat!
Two days to get away from busy lives, to relax, to be inspired, and to spend precious time 
all together as a family.......


We stayed at the charming small boutique, Hotel Modigliani, recommended by Sawdays 'Special Places' guide which is right in the heart of the city, close to the 'Spanish steps' and spectacular Trevi fountain.....a perfect 'family' choice, with kind and helpful staff.

We arrived late on Friday night in time for a delicious meal in a small trattoria that our hotel had recommended around the corner, followed by a fun but late (!) end to the night, in a nearby music bar where we listened to two very talented young musicians playing 'gypsy jazz' on guitar. Not being as used to late nights as much as our children these days, breakfast and more importantly coffee and a brisk walk was on the agenda early the next morning!  We soon regained our energy as we stepped outside in to the glorious unexpected sunshine and heat of the streets, and nothing had quite prepared us for just how stunningly beautiful this ancient city is......not just in parts, but everywhere!
We enjoyed a few of the main spectacular attractions, the Trevi fountain and Pantheon lived up to all expectations, but we sadly discovered at the last minute that the Vatican and Sistine chapel were closed on Sunday which was what we had also planned to see.  It was crowded as you can imagine, so we also welcomed the opportunity to just wander through the quieter cobbled pedestrianised back streets.....something interesting and beautiful to be found around every corner.......a chance to take in every day life here in Rome, and not just from a tourist's perspective.

We walked for miles, taking in the awe inspiring architecture.....the soft aged patina and colours of the buildings in burnt umber and sienna contrasting with soft grey particularly caught my eye. The fabulous array of authentic small family restaurants and bars made us spoilt for choice.....yes, we certainly enjoyed some truly inspiring and delicious food and wine!
Campo dei Fiore market, one of Rome's oldest markets, was a particular favourite of mine.....a foodie's idea of heaven and a photographer's delight......

We loved the subtle contrasts of each neighbourhood....all so beautiful, but each with its own style and vibe.  Saturday's lunch found us in the 'Treveste' area on the other side of the river, a slightly bohemian neighbourhood, with interesting small boutiques, great restaurants and bars and a relaxed atmosphere, and apparently a great place to go out at night.....


Two days was not enough, to take in all that Rome has to offer.... there is so much beauty and inspiration, it literally takes your breath away.  Our children too, fell in love with this stunning city, and we all plan to hopefully return some day in the not too distant future......



Wishing you a very happy week!

Sophia xx

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