About me

I am an interior designer, based in the beautiful Weald of Kent, England, and run my own interior design and project management company,  Sophia Wadsworth Interiors.  If you would like to enquire more about my services please press on the link above or email me at: enquire@sophiainteriors.co.uk

My husband and I fulfilled a dream and designed and built our own house four years ago.  Our home and the landscaping of our garden is now my ongoing passion, along with our family of recently 'flown the nest' children, travel, nature, art and design, gardening, food and cooking.  This blog is an opportunity to share all of these things and more......Thank you for reading!

Sophia xx


  1. Just read my first post since subscribing! Love all your roses! You live in one of my favorite parts of the world. I've often wondered if I had a previous life in England???
    Sally Leonard (Houston, Texas)

    1. Hello Sally,

      I am so pleased you have subscribed to the blog and thank you! We are fortunate to live in a very beautiful part of Kent, and I am please it is one of your favourite parts of the world.

      Best wishes to you in Houston!

      Sophia x

  2. So happy to have discovered your beautiful blog! I cannot wait to read more.