Tuesday, 8 October 2013



Yesterday's walk with the dogs was a particularly lovely start to the week.  It was one of those perfect early Autumn days, with warm sunshine, bright skies, and the sweet smell of nature's new seasonal changes.



Most days, we like to walk in the woodland adjoining our land, but another favourite is to stride out across the fields behind the house, and up to the top of the hill to look back towards home and the views in the distance....

These fields are a rich source of fungi at this time of year......

 I was pleased to find the hedgerow at the far end, heavy with 'Sloes'....perfect for this year's batch of 'Sloe Gin'.....

As well as Sloes, I found the hedges abundant with  Rosehips and Blackberries......the result of this year's wonderful summer......

A good stride out, is always the best start to the day.....although Rocco, who lives for his walks, is getting on a bit, and had to stop for a rest.

This lovely walk takes us full circle, around the fields and back up to home....

Our favourite tree in the garden.....that we were so delighted to inherit.....

One of the most perfectly shaped 'Oaks' that I have ever seen.....so stunning in its different forms each season.

Back through the 'White Rose Garden' behind the kitchen.....still reasonably in bloom.

An energising, calm start to the day...

Wishing you a very happy week!

Sophia xx


  1. Oh I so agree, I love walking with my dogs, especially at this time of year when there is so much changing almost on a daily basis. So pleased we have sloes this year, I too make a batch of sloe gin and last year was such a poor year for them.
    Have a wonderful week. X

  2. Beautiful pictures Sophia! I wished I could walk with our Ralph again! His loss is so very painful! Thank you so much for your nice words on my blogpost about Ralph.


  3. How wonderful to have such a gorgeous walk right on your doorstep Sophia. Rocco and Kiki must be in their element. Your oak tree is absolutely picture perfect what a treat to have such a beautiful, mature specimen on your land.
    We are also experiencing a beautiful late flush of white roses in the garden which I am snipping away at every few days to pop the bud vases we have dotted around the house. The garden is still quite colourful at the moment with the Monkshood, Aster, Salvia and roses still looking pretty good although I better make the most of them before winter sets in.
    I should set aside some time for sloe picking this weekend, is there still enough time?