Friday, 4 October 2013


Can you believe that it is Friday already?  Where did the last week go!
A busy day today.....wrapping up the week, and also preparing for old friends coming to stay.  A weekend to relax, catch up with each other,  enjoy walking the dogs in the woods, and prepare good perfect weekend!

What do you have planned?
Whatever it is.....I wish you a very happy and enjoyable weekend!

Sophia xx


  1. A beautiful blog with fabulous pictures. Having found it via my french country home I to have 3 children aged 19-24 all on their way. I echo your thoughts! I also write a blog bethatthesummerhouse! and love doing so.

    1. Dear Beth,

      Thank you for your kind comment! It's lovely to hear from people going through a similar stage in their lives. I shall look forward to reading your blog too!

      Have a lovely week,


  2. Hi Sophia,
    I came across your blog very recently. I enjoyed reading your posts. Though our carriers are different, I feel we both share similar interests and thoughts. I too love to garden and share the passion for coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon, Your garden and interiors of your home is truly inspiring! Here in California we get to garden year round. We also have a garden club. We visit each others gardens and drink tea and exchange ideas and thoughts about gardening. My garden is chosen to be part of local garden tour next year. We are also 'empty nesters' and passion for growing everything(fruits, vegetables and flowers) way more than we can consume.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and garden.

  3. Thank you so much Komali for your very kind comment. It is lovely to share my interests with like minded people! You obviously have a lovely garden, to be included in a garden tour next year!