Monday, 15 July 2013


 Happy Monday.....hasn't it been a gorgeous weekend!  Blue skies, sunny and very warm.  After a busy, hot day in London on Friday, I was pleased to step off the train in the evening and drive home to what to me is the sanctuary of 'home' and the clean, fresh rural beauty of our little corner of Kent.  Supper in the garden under the stars, was the perfect start to the weekend.   A weekend of bar-b-q's, gardening and a lovely visit to a French farmer's market at 'Sissinghurst Castle' which I shall tell you about later in the week.
It was the perfect relaxing two days, after what was a busy week.  Wednesday was particularly interesting, with Channel 4 filming here for the properly show 'Double Your House for Half the Money', presented by Sarah Beeny.  They contacted me after reading an article about our house build, and were particularly interested in the traditional oak construction and the interior.  It will be showcased hopefully during an episode in the upcoming new series starting later next month, as one of their 'Inspirational Homes'......we were naturally flattered that they wanted to showcase our home, and we shall look forward to catching a glimpse of it soon, even if the four hours of filming is edited down to a few minutes!

This morning I am enjoying a beautiful bunch of the first Sweetpeas from the garden.....their gorgeous scent filling the kitchen.

Photos: Sophia Home

This year I have planted them in the two tall square raised beds at the entrance to the kitchen garden, trained up bamboo wigwams.....with regular cutting, they should produce an abundance all summer long.  

We are also enjoying the first pickings of the Globe Artichokes....varieties 'Gros Vert de Laon'...

and the beautiful purple tinged variety 
'Violet de Provence'...

Wonderfully architectural....almost too beautiful to eat!  Although we shall be enjoying some tonight....

....simply cooked whole, enjoying each leaf dipped in French vinaigrette, with the delicious 'prize' of the heart at the end.

All photos: Sophia Home

 Wishing you a happy and sunny week!

Sophia xx


  1. Oh how incredibly exciting, you must let us know the date that it will be shown. I too cut my first bunch of sweet peas and have placed them by my bed, the scent fills the room at night, they are a joy.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Oh how exciting. Looking forward to looking at your beautiful home keep us updated. It is just so wonderful to eat outside at the moment. Have a good week

  3. Your sweet peas look beautiful! I have to wait a little while longer before I can pick them.

    So exciting to have the film crew in your house! Hope the film will be lovely.

    Happy week. Enjoy the sun!

    Madelief x