Wednesday, 17 July 2013

FLY AWAY......

As I sat outside early this morning, drinking my cup of tea.....I suddenly looked up to see this beautiful balloon flying overhead.

What a romantic and peaceful thing to do 
at 7 skies, sunshine, and the beauty of the landscape stretching beneath you.

I was fortunate to go in a hot air balloon many years ago, when my husband and I left our wedding reception in one.....a beautiful, and surreal experience, as we left the noise and chatter and excitement of the day, and slowly drifted up to silence, with the shrinking crowd of family and friends below us, still waving......'flying away' to our new life together......

Ahh sigh....happy memories.....and on that romantic note, I shall leave you with an appropriate soundtrack, in the form of one of my favourite songs.....'FLY AWAY' written and sung by our 19 year old son 'Patch'.  To listen, please press on the link and I hope you enjoy it!

Wishing you a very happy Wednesday!

Sophia xx


  1. Your son has a beautiful voice and is a lovely songwriter, you must be a very proud Mum!
    Another glorious day here in Somerset as I am sure with you. Enjoy. x

  2. That is a really beautiful hot air balloon!!! So glad you photographed it for us to enjoy. What a moment :)

  3. I couldn't get your email to go through. Kept coming back. Just wanted you to know that today you've been featured on my Welcome Wagon Friday post. Welcome to our neighborhood!