Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I hope you are all well this Tuesday morning?
My daughter Georgie and I had a fantastic trip to  Paris last week.......a few days of very special mother/daughter time 
which I shall treasure. 

The sun shone and with temperatures up to 27 degrees, it was truly summer in Paris!
We walked the length and breadth of the city.....exploring the bustling Latin quarter, gorgeous St. Germain, through Les jardins Tuilleries and up to Concorde and glamourous Rue St. Honore, and spent much time in our very favourite part....the beautiful historic Marais.

Having been fortunate enough to visit this beautiful city on a number of occasions, and having seen most of the obvious 'tourist' sights before, we concentrated our time on the most serious of activities.......'le shopping!'

The prettiest sweet shop, found in Rue de Monge in the Latin quarter........

Roses, roses, roses.......at 'Le vie en Rose'.....one of the many beautiful shops in 
rue St. Germain......

Gorgeous fresh produce......

Delicious cheeses......

Stunning displays of flowers in the numerous florists and market stalls throughout the city.....

'Laduree's' lovely macarons window display.....always so pretty.....

The stunning 'Hermes' main store in rue de Faubourg Saint-Honore........strictly browsing!

Georgie standing on the Pont des Arts......the famous 'padlock bridge'.  Thousands of padlocks, attached and initialed by couples......

Who said romance was dead?......never in Paris!

A picnic and leisurely stroll through the gorgeous Jardin du Luxembourg.......

'Le Marais'......this historic district is without a doubt my favourite.  Stunning architecture.....and the 'Place des Voges', the oldest planned square in Paris....and some say the most beautiful.  It is where my husband and I stayed last year, in the wonderful 'Pavillon de la Reine', to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.... and it was wonderful to share this favourite of places with Georgie, that holds a special place in my heart.

All that walking, shopping and sight-seeing, certainly builds up the appetite.....so I introduced Georgie to the delights of 'Chez Janou' in rue Roger Verlomme, where we ate the most delicious crayfish and avocado salads, and drank rose outside in the sunshine......heaven!

G outside 'Chez Janou'.....

Another great restaurant find the following evening was 'Les Affames' in Rue du Roi de Sicille.....definitely one for my Marais address book.  Serving some of the best fillet steaks we had ever eaten....this stylish little bistro was another great discovery.  

Very cool 'butcher's block' style tables at restaurant 'Les Affames'.

We finished our last afternoon with a stroll around the delightful Ile Saint-Louis.....with its pretty boutiques, cafes and of course, the majestic Notre Dame on adjoining Ile de la Cite.......

Notre Dame.

As our Eurostar train swept us home that evening, we sat exhausted but happy.....and a little sad to be leaving.  We had enjoyed the most wonderful four days together......special mother/daughter time......sharing the delights of the beautiful city that I had first discovered at her same age. 

Georgie too is now hooked on the magic of this beautiful City......and like me, can not wait to return.   I have a feeling that this trip may well be repeated.....and could well become a little tradition! 

Bon journée!

Sophia xx


  1. Such lovely pictures of you and your daughter. This is a great review of Paris and it certainly looks like you had a fantastic time. It is a little while since I have been to visit Paris but I always enjoy it but you ave shown me some new places to go. You forgot to show us your purchases.

    Have a lovely week

  2. Hi Sophia,

    Such fun stepping on the Eurostar and going to Paris. You and your daughter were so lucky with the weather too. The photo's you made look beautiful. The two of you make a very stylish pair!!

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x