Monday, 3 June 2013


All photos: Sophia Home

Good morning...... I do hope all is well with you this sunny Monday?  
It has been a lovely weekend......a nice blend of completing projects at home, combined with a bit of socialising.  

Everything is going 'gang-busters' in the garden, and although at times it can seem a little overwhelming to keep up with everything that needs to be done......a day or two of hard work, and things start to shape up and get under control.  Our most time consuming task is always weeding...isn't it for us all!.....but this year, we are determined to beat them, by mulching everything in sight.  The rose gardens have been covered with a thick topping of manure for the last few months, and there hasn't been a pesky weed to be seen.  A delivery of mushroom compost for the vegetable garden, will hopefully do the same, and save us hours doing this most tedious of tasks.....and instead enjoy the more lovely and enjoyable aspects of the garden this summer!

At the moment, I am enjoying these beautiful Alliums in the garden......their gorgeous flash of colour, both purple and white..... cheery heads bobbing in the breeze.

The Clematis Montana is also in full bloom......a stunning spray of pure white, which gives a brilliant early summer freshness to this part of the garden.  Stunning also as evening approaches.....still shining in the semi darkness.

Perennial herbs too are bursting through now........ already being enjoyed in the kitchen.

All photos: Sophia Home

Wishing you all a very happy week.....whatever you have planned?  I am disappearing for a few days now with daughter Georgie, for some special mother/daughter time.....

Is Paris ready for us?  We are certainly ready for Paris!  

I look forward to telling you about our trip......

Sophia xx


  1. Oh your garden is so pretty have a lovely trip

  2. Lovely photo's of your garden Sophia!

    Madelief x

  3. Hallo,
    your blog is loveley. The mixture is good. And I love Allium too. But I think, Allium is not the right plant in my garden. It doesn`t want to grow.

  4. Your garden is beautiful and just immaculate, Sophia!!

    Gorgeous alliums!! How long do you keep them before clipping? I leave mine up even after the flowers are spent. And usually our summer thunderstorms will knock them over.

    Enjoy Paris!