Saturday, 1 June 2013


All photos: Sophia Home

Good morning!
We woke to blue skies and sunshine this morning here in Kent, and although breezy, there is a huge improvement in the weather!

I am an early bird, and like nothing better than to potter around the house before anyone else is up, with a cup of tea.....enjoying the peace and planning my day.  

The light this morning was beautiful streaming in, and I had to capture it in these photographs.....

My fixation with 'White' flowers has brought Geraniums in to the dining room, for my large 'Kew' pots.....and sweet smelling Stocks 
in to the sitting room end of the kitchen.  
A feeling of summer in the house.......

All photos: Sophia Home

A visit to a local nursery sale is planned this morning, followed by a busy day in the garden, and drinks with neighbours this evening.....


Wishing you a very happy weekend, 
whatever you have planned!

Sophia xx


  1. Your home is beautiful Sophia, such great light & space, these are lovely photos.

    I have a couple of the "Kew" pots too, I love them :)

    I see a copy of Vicki Archer's book on your coffee table, isn't it great? Through our blogs, we have chatted & I've met her a couple of times in London for lunch, she is wonderful, great company and so interesting, I like her so much. Her home is to die for isn't it?!

    Have a lovely week-end Xx

  2. Thank you Simone! How nice that you and Vicki Archer have met up......I certainly imagine her to be a very interesting and lovely person......her writing is so inspiring!

    Have a lovely week.

    Sophia x