Sunday, 12 May 2013


Photos: Sophia Home

Yesterday we met up with our three children in London, who as young adults, are now living and working/studying there. Because of our daughter having been away working in France, it was the first time that we had all been together, the five of us, since Christmas. As you can imagine, I was like 'Mother Hen' happy to have all my chicks in one place after so many weeks.

With a craving for Dim Sum, we popped in to China Town.....such a vibrant, bustling part of London, with a great choice of restaurants.  We happened upon 'Dumplings' Legend' and were lucky to get a table at this popular venue which has been hailed as one of London's best Dim Sum eateries.  With chefs preparing the extensive array of delicious bundles in a glass booth in front of the doesn't get much fresher.  By the time I even thought about getting my camera out to photograph the gorgeous array of the delicious little dumplings we had ordered, we had pretty much demolished the lot!  So curtesy of Pinterest, I have some similiar yummy examples for you!

Having finished our Dim Sum feast, and spent a happy couple of hours catching up with each other's news, we strolled around the pedestrianised streets, lined with stalls selling a fascinating array of oriental fruits and vegetables.  We then made our way to my favourite Asian supermarket 'Loon Fung' which is a must to visit, if like me, you like stocking up on speciality Chinese ingredients.  
On this occasion, I came home with a large bag of super fresh Bok Choi, a selection of noodles, dumpling wrappers to make our own Dim Sum (a new future experiment, which I shall report back on!) and also some rather beautiful packets of tea.

Photo: Sophia Home

A pretty 'Flower Tea' infusion, with Chamomile, Cherries, Rose and Bay......better strained, but beautiful to look at!

Photo: Sophia Home

A so called 'Slimming' Tea.....with Goji Berries, and various herbs.......surprisingly nice and 
very refreshing.

Photo: Sophia Home

So in all, it was a fun and delicious Saturday!

I do hope you are having a very happy weekend.....

Sophia xx

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  1. Hi Sophia,

    It's been some time since we last had a dim sum feast. I have a Chinese brother in law, so now and then we go for a dim sum with the family. Happy to hear you had a good time with your children!

    Madelief x