Monday, 13 May 2013


Good morning, and hope you all had a lovely weekend, and that your Monday is going well?

A busy day today and tomorrow, getting ready for our trip to Portugal on Wednesday.....clearing my desk, laundry and packing, leaving the house prepared for our house sitter.....I really shouldn't find it stressful to get ready to go away.....but it is always a relief to get on that plane and be on our way!  My husband and I have planned a seven day 'road trip', staying in a series of 'Pousadas' and small hotels......two inland up in the mountains, one in Lisbon and then a couple of stops travelling up the Atlantic coast back up to Porto.....should be a wonderful few days of culture, beautiful scenery, warmer weather, and of course...
great food and wine!

Photos: Sophia Home

Out walking the dogs yesterday in the woods by our house,  we were met with the stunning site of Bluebells in full bloom.

A sea of amethyst blue......and the distinct sweet smell of their Spring extravaganza.

Rocco our Labrador ran off as usual, tempted with the smell of foxes and rabbits.....whilst Kiki our Cocker Spaniel was happy to take her time, and admire the stunning woodland show 
as much as we did.....

Photos: Sophia Home

Vibrant new green mosses covering bark.....

Fresh new foliage on the trees.....

Back home now.....

Is there a more beautiful time of year?

Sophia xx


  1. Beautiful post Sophia; I adore English Bluebells!! I didn't get to see any when we were in England; we were there in March, so maybe it was too early for them. They really do make the most beautiful woodland carpet, don't they?

    Your Spaniel is adorable. :) It sounds like you've got a wonderful trip planned to Portugal. I hate packing for travel too, and we always have to make sure the plants are watered, automatic timers set on the lamps, etc. Sometimes I'm exhausted before we ever get started on the journey. :)

    Have a great week.


  2. Your photo's make me wish we had blue bell woods in Holland. They look beautiful Sophia!

    Have a good time in Portugal. It all sounds really good!

    Madelief x

  3. What a beautiful place to surround yourself in!!!! Spring here in Vancouver, BC, has been breathtaking!!! So many Lilacs to scent the air. On every tree or bush there was triple the blooms as last year.

    Have a great time!!