Saturday, 25 May 2013


Home now, after a wonderful week exploring northern and central Portugal.  A week away with my husband......discovering Portugal's hidden gems, in the form of beautiful historical towns and villages, stunning architecture, mountains and valleys.....along with their overwhelmingly kind and welcoming hospitality and delicious food and wines.  It has been a truly fascinating 
and lovely week, which I plan to share with you over the coming week, when I have had a chance to sort through my abundance of photographs!

Photos: Sophia Home

 As much as it is always such a wonderful treat to travel.....there is nothing quite like coming back to the sanctuary of be surrounded by your own comforts....especially to come back to 
ones own bed.....

Especially exciting was to see how in just one week, the garden had romped ahead!  The hedges and trees that we planted not so long ago, have grown immeasurably, due to the combination of a little sun and heavy rain that England had in our absence.  Thanks to the attentiveness of our wonderful 'green fingered' house sitter Anna, my greenhouse had been very well cared for.....with vegetable seedlings now three times the size in just a few days, and ready to 
plant out in the Kitchen Garden.  

Lilly of the Valley which I have underplanted beneath the plum trees has been very late this year, but I was thrilled to see this delicate, pretty and favourite flower of mine in full bloom now.  Picked and now smelling gorgeous 
next to my bed.......

Home Sweet Home!

Wishing you all a very happy weekend.....

Sophia xx


  1. Welcome back Sophia! Happy to hear you had a good time.

    Your bedroom looks like a dream. I can imagine you missed it :-) Love the Lilly of the Valley. I did not have it in my garden yet, but bought some at the plant fair at our allotment complex today. I hope it will do as well in my garden as in yours.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  2. There truly is no place like home Sophia! Your bedroom is like a dream.

  3. I I was also on holiday in Portugal . There is nothing like your own bed after a trip away.

  4. I love the Lily of the Valley! My husband's great mother used to have thousands in her garden! I hope they grow the same way in my garden!
    PS: love your bedroom! Really peaceful!