Friday, 10 May 2013


All photos: Sophia Home

Happy favourite day of the week!
Although a little overcast here in Kent first thing this morning, it is trying to brighten up, and Spring is definitely here with all its bright evidence.

My Tulip and Viola pots by the front door 
are in full bloom now.....

Our majestic 'Oak' is in full leaf.....with its circle of daffodils still holding out.....

The fish in the pond by the kitchen are showing their faces.....after a long winter of semi hibernation.....

Tulips 'Spring Green' and 'Queen of the Night' in the 'White Rose Garden'  are through, and are showing their beautiful colour combination....

The Auriculars that I potted on from tiny plug plants are showing their happy faces in their new individual pots by the back door......

Photos: Sophia Home

And we have new 'friends' who have been pottering around all week, and are showing signs of wanting to settle here.....

A lovely weekend planned, with lunch in London with our three children tomorrow.....and a day in my kitchen garden on Sunday.

What do you have planned?  
Wishing you a wonderful weekend...
whatever you are doing.

Sophia xx


  1. Dear Sophia,
    All so beautiful ! The oak tree in full leaf looks fantastic! And I wishes we had a pond in our garden to welcome new friends as yours. Maybe in future we will!
    I do wish you a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your time in London all together!
    PS Thank you so much for you nice comment on my library post!

  2. Oh Sophia!!!! So beautiful there. .. unfortunately it has been raining here for a couple of days now and the wind is really scary. Makes me have to change all my plans for weekend. .. suppose I will just find some housework or crafty things to do:) or maybe indulge myself to a lovely cream tea - the best medicine for me for when the weather outside is frighful :( Hugs...

  3. Sophia, you have such a gorgeous home and garden. Your spring pots are wonderfully full of uplifting colour. Hope you are having a fab weekend.
    PS. Hope you can pop along and join in our Naughty But Nice Petit Four Stand Giveaway! x