Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Cosmos 'Purity' 

My Kitchen garden, or 'Potager' as I fancifully like to refer to it as, is one of my greatest passions.  I grew up seeing my mother grow many of our vegetables in a large kitchen garden at home and also at my grandparent's Grandfather's Onions and Marrows were legendary and affectionately joked about in the family.....but that's another story!
When my husband and I first married, we were in a flat in London but when the thought of babies came along, we moved out to the Sussex countryside to a small village cottage.  The opportunity of having a small garden and more importantly a vegetable 'patch' was my great excitement, and seemed a very 'grown up' thing to have!  Like so many of us, I also wanted to grow fresh,  organic food for my young family that hadn't been exposed to chemicals and whose food miles could be measured in meters up the garden and not road or air miles.  I also wanted my young children to have the wonder and excitement of seeing something grow and then to enjoy eating it.......maybe it ignited something, as they are all passionate 'foodies' now today, as young adults.
My current 'Potager' is somewhat larger than that first simple 'Vegetable Patch' design ideas and ambitious growing schemes having become more elaborate over time and with the opportunity for more land with our present home,
giving far more scope.
However, the same feeling of excitement and anticipation at this time of year is just the same.  The choosing and planting of seeds in the house and greenhouse and the planning and preparation of the raised beds. Seeing the first shoots appear and impatiently thinking of harvest time, when I have the joy of pottering outside early evening to choose and pick the freshest most delicious produce for supper.
I have grown our own lovely vegetables pretty much every year of my married life, and even when I have been super busy with work, I have always made time for this very simplest of pleasures which is so rewarding and makes me so happy.


This year, I am particularly excited about the addition of a 'Cutting Garden' to my Potager.  My husband (aka 'Head Gardener'!) has kindly built me additional raised beds where I plan to grow my favourite flowers for cutting and bringing inside to (hopefully!) make beautiful arrangements for the house and to give away to family and friends.
I have my eye on a variety of flowers to grow for this new little project, such as vibrant Zinnias, delicate Nigella love in a mist and Cornflowers and of course deliciously scented Sweet Peas.  My first choice of seeds however to get growing this last week has been Cosmos 'Purity', which should produce a mass of pure white blooms to pick from June through to October. 

Photos: Sophia Home
Cosmos 'Purity' growing in my kitchen....

I adore white flowers and these will be my favourite.......although I have promised my daughter that I shall also grow the very pretty mixed pink and lilac Cosmos that she loves.......

Beautiful mixed Cosmos.....shades of lilac and pink.

and maybe the stunning dark 'Chocolate Cosmos'? 

 With a delicious name like that......who could resist!

'Chocolate Cosmos'

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!

Sophia xx


  1. How gorgeous:-) I adore Cosmos and will have some white/pink/lilac mix in my garden again. Although my garden is and will be no way as impressive as yours... Have a lovely day, Sophia♡

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    1. Enjoy your Cosmos too deZeal when you plant pretty, and they go on so long!

      Have a lovely day.

      Sophia x

  3. I particularly love the chocolate plant and love to give it as a present