Thursday, 14 March 2013


I just love my morning cup of coffee.
A little ritual that punctuates this time of the day......whether a welcome break at my desk when working.......after a virtuous workout at the gym......with my husband in the garden, admiring our hard work and planning the next project.....or out and about at a cosy cafe with a girlfriend  having a catch up and a chat.

One or maybe two a day is my limit......but it has to be GOOD coffee!
The discovery of Nespresso coffee pods a few years ago was a complete revelation to us at the point that I won't have anything else.....even filter or heaven forbid 'instant' coffee, just won't do!  If out and about, then good ground coffee is could say that I have turned in to a bit of a 'Coffee Snob'......!

The afternoon is for tea.....especially herbal teas, which I have taken a real liking to recently.....but the morning's simple pleasure
 is my coffee.

This morning I am dreaming of a pretty little Cafe that my husband and I had morning coffee at in the Marais area of Paris last September......
Photo: Sophia Home

Photo: Sophia Home
Instead, I shall have to make do with coffee at my desk, with the latest copy of 'Country Homes and Interiors' magazine.......which is not so bad......but maybe plan a little trip to Paris......and especially morning coffee in that gorgeous little cafe.

Do you love a morning cup of coffee?

Have a lovely day...

Sophia xx


  1. I love the tulips:)
    To me coffee is like air - can't live without it:) I can even drink instant coffee, honestly. Funny, I was actually thinking yesterday about buying new machine (the old coffee maker still works, but who cares, lol). Was wondering about KRUPS actually... :) Hugs xx

  2. I am also a big coffee lover. We've had a couple of Nespresso machines in the past which I had to be weened off. If you find yourself anywhere near Belgravia, treat yourself to a flat white at TOMTOM on the corner of Ebury and Elizabeth street. I guzzle that stuff like theres no tomorrow when I can:)

  3. Hello sound like you REALLY love your coffee! Am often in that area of town and shall make my way to TOMTOM next time I am around. Thank you for the recommendation!

    Have a lovely weekend.....