Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Photos: Sophia Home

It's decidedly wintry here this morning.
Freezing temperatures and snow flurries.......such a change from the lovely peek of Spring sunshine we saw last week!

This Robin was looking anxious for food at breakfast time and found the seed I had put out.....whereas the sheep in the field at the bottom of the garden seemed happy with their newly delivered supply of hay from the farmer and oblivious to the cold with their thick woolly coats......

Wishing you all a happy, and above all 'warm' Tuesday!

Sophia xx


  1. Your photos are gorgeous. That little Robin is so cute - such a great shot. It's chilly and snow-covered here too. Ready for Spring. xo

  2. Robins appearing are always a happy sign of spring for me. I enjoyed your photos. I have thought how nice it would be to have a view of sheep in a field from home-- very picturesque.

    I'll join you in wishing the sunshine back to stay and the snow and frost away for a little while. I'm so ready, too. :)