Sunday, 26 February 2017


Hello everyone,
Just a quick message to say that sadly and shockingly, my Instagram profile has been hacked and has been taken over and @sophiahomelifestyle is no longer available.  If you are one of my regular followers, you may have noticed this already?  Please ignore any unsuitable future instagram posts on my account as they are beyond my control.  I have taken this up with Instagram and hope to hear back from them shortly to resolve this very upsetting and worrying problem.  I do not know how this has happened, but would advise all of you with Instagram accounts to please check your settings and security.   

Thank you,

Sophia xx


  1. It is very shocking Sophia. Unfortunately, there are some very mean and jealous people out there.

    Your photographs are lovely; you are a inspiring and a joy to follow. Fingers crossed that your account is rightfully restored soon. Amanda x

  2. Dear Amanda,

    Thank you so much for your very kind message which is so appreciated. xxx