Sunday, 29 November 2015


With my big birthday looming, the question was what to do to celebrate?
A party with all my best girlfriends was what I really wanted....followed by special time with my family, and so the plans came together!

With the table set for 25 fabulous girlfriends....

Beautiful and delicious food prepared by a wonderful daughter....

A stunning cake made by a talented friend....

Fun, chat and much laughter around the table...

Plenty of bubbles.....

 Some VIP guests..!

It really was the perfect recipe for the start to a perfect big birthday celebration!  


Part two is over the next few days, when Mr. W and I head off for the exotic charms of Marrakech with our lovely family joining us for the last few days.  I look forward to sharing with you on my return, the beautiful sights and colours of Marrakech, and in the meantime, you can follow along on Instagram @sophiahomelifestyle 


Thank you everyone who took the time to leave such kind and lovely birthday wishes on Instagram this week and thank you for reading!

Sophia xx


  1. Happy belated birthday. Hope you have a lovely holiday

    All things nice...

  2. Happy birthday Sophia! The table setting and food looked wonderful and your VIP guests looed very smart! Enjoy part 2 of your celebrations x

  3. Enjoy part 2 of your birthday celebrations! The table setting looks gorgeous, not to mention the food. You have an extremely talented daughter. :)

  4. Happy Birthday dear Sophia!!! What a sweet daughter you have!! She did a wonderful job. I can see you do love each other so much! Wonderful!
    Wishing you a wonderful family trip to Marrakech. Marrakesch is also on my to visit wish list. xoxo