Monday, 10 November 2014


Hello dear readers, and apologies for my absence and lack of blog posts recently!
Last week I spent a fantastic five days in New York with my lovely Mother who very generously treated me to the trip!

Having visited for the first time two years ago, it was great to return and discover more of this fantastic City….and we certainly packed a lot in to our few days over there!

We stayed at the West House Hotel which was just fabulous. Situated on 55th Street in Midtown, it was in the perfect position for everything.  The West House is a stylish boutique hotel and part of the 'Small Luxury Hotels of the World' group.  With interiors combining a sleek contemporary style, along with an elegance reminiscent of the 1920's, we had a very comfortable stay.  Delicious food, wonderful staff, and a relaxed, intimate and unpretentious atmosphere which made us feel so at home.  

To anyone visiting NY in the future, I would most definitely recommend staying here!

Above is a picture of my mother and I at the top of the Rockerfella Centre ('Top of the Rocks') on our first morning.  The view of New York was breathtaking in the Autumn sunshine, and gave us a great sense of perspective before adventuring out across the City.  Followers of my Instagram (sophiahomelifestyle) will have seen that we packed quite a lot in to the few days we had there. Visits to both the beautiful 'Frick Museum' and the 'Metropolitan Museum of Art', taking in the fantastic broadway musical 'Beautiful', walking the 'Highline' down to the Meatpacker area, a behind the scenes tour of Radio City, the very moving 9/11 exhibition, walking in Central Park…..not to mention of course, the shopping and delicious meals….it really was an action packed trip! 

So home now…and as always, there is the price to pay for having a few days off, with the inevitable catching up with work projects and laundry! Sad when such an exciting trip has to come to an end, but always so lovely to get home and of course see 'Mr. SH', our lovely dogs and to catch up with the children….all of whom I missed!

I know many of you have visited New York, and even live there or nearby too, so I would so love to hear your recommendations and must see tips for another visit….I loved it and plan to return!


Wishing you all a very happy week….

Sophia xx


  1. How wonderful, New York is so beautiful this time of year....lucky you! The hotel looks fantastic. It's been a great year for travel for you hasn't it?! Last time I went to NYC the High Line wasn't there, I can't wait to walk it next time :)

    1. Hi Simone! Thank you for your comment. I know you are a big fan of NY! You must walk the Highline next time you are there. It is lovely to get off the hectic streets and stroll along amongst the greenery….and of course end up with a great lunch in the Meatpacker district. I must say, this year's travel has been very spoiling! Hope all well with you? Have a lovely week…..

      Sophia x