Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Just before I left home last week on my travels to NY, I received this lovely parcel from the team at SARAH RAVEN.  As a regular contributing writer on their own blog Garlic and Sapphire, they very sweetly sent me this gift to say thank you for my posts this year.  
What a wonderful surprise!

A box of their stunning 'Vintage Silk' tulip collection bulbs….so beautiful!  
To blow away the inevitable feelings of jet lag on Sunday afternoon, I got out in the Autumn sunshine to plant them in the large zinc antique washtub I have on the back deck….I can hardly wait until Spring now.

Thank you all at Sarah Raven!


To visit the Garlic and Sapphire blog click here.

For wonderful garden inspiration, and to take advantage of their end of season bulb sale, visit Sarah Raven here.

Wishing you a happy Tuesday!

Sophia xx


  1. How wonderful, is there anything more exciting than an unexpected gift? Your blog posts for Sarah Raven are always a good read, I do love her flower collections, the tulips and sweetpeas in particular. Have a lovely evening x

  2. Hi Sophia,
    I'm Rosa from Spain and I like home decoration, few months ago I started written a decoration blog.
    It's the first time I writte you. I've just discovered you in the Mueble magazine from Spain. I've seen your house and I have to tell you that your house is a dream for me, I like all of it, the style, the decoration, the pleace where is located is ideal. Since now I'm going to follow your posts. Congratulations for your blog.You are fantastic.
    kisses from Spain.
    Sorry for my English

  3. Hi!!!

    How thoughtful!!! I can't wait to see the pictures in the Spring!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!