Monday, 10 March 2014



Happy Monday, and I do hope you had a wonderful weekend?
For us here in the UK, Spring arrived in all its glory with blue skies and warm sunshine…..

The cherry blossom bloomed over night, bringing its pink prettiness in to the garden….

….. it certainly got us out in to the garden, and after two days of weeding, clearing, cleaning the greenhouse and some first seed sowing, I feel excited and enthused about the growing season ahead, and new creative landscaping projects.

I am pleased to say that it wasn't all hard work over the weekend…..our eldest son and his girlfriend were down from London for a couple of days and much chat and a bottle or two of RosĂ© were enjoyed sitting outside in the early Spring sunshine…..a perfect weekend!

Wishing you a happy and sunny week ahead!

Sophia xx


  1. Hello Sophia,
    yes, now there is spring all over the land and it takes a lot of work in the garden,
    doesn't it?
    But it's beautiful and I love it.
    Greetings from Germany, Olga

  2. Hello Sophia and Happy Spring to you!
    I too have been out in the garden this past week, pottering around, snipping here, tidying there and before long noticed a list of arms length of jobs to be tackled over the months of May.
    Here's to wonderful year of green fingered creativity!

  3. A winter weary Pennsylvanian just overdosed on the pictures of your beautiful garden. Thanks so much for offeeinf me the hope of SPRING!