Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Photo: Sophia Home


Good morning!
When I sat down at my desk this morning, it dawned on me that it must be nearing a year since I started writing my 'Sophia Home' blog.
On checking the archives, I realised that yesterday was my 1st year blog anniversary.....where has the year gone!  When I set out on this little journey last September,  I had no idea what a fascinating, enjoyable adventure it would be!

Having enjoyed reading other interior and lifestyle blogs for a number of years, I finally plucked up the courage to start my own.  I am sure that many of you fellow bloggers out there can relate to the memory of that nerve racking feeling the first time that you press the 'publish' button for your first post......out in to the 'blogosphere'....wondering if anyone out there is actually going to read, let alone be interested in, what you have to say! 
For any of you out there reading this, who are contemplating starting your own blog for the first time, my advice is to just do it!  
I needn't have worried about starting one and wish that I had a long time ago.  Fellow 'bloggers' around the world who write about similar design and lifestyle subjects have proved to be beyond friendly and generous with their time and interest, and I have discovered a community of like minded souls....who share a love of all things 'Home' along with a array of lifestyle topics.

'Sophia Home' has brought so much fun to this past year, and has been a wonderful creative outlet to run alongside my interiors business.  It has been a chance to share with others my passion for not only beautiful interiors, but also my love of the 'home', and especially my own that my husband and I have created from scratch, along with the surrounding nature and countryside we so enjoy. To write about the ongoing landscaping of our garden....especially my beloved kitchen garden and vegetable growing, and to share with you the projects and recipes that go hand in hand with this.  I have so enjoyed recounting our travels and recommendations for restaurants and places to visit too. 

Above all though,  what I was not prepared for, was the lovely feed back from so many of you....although I know that many of you are still shy to leave comments, I know you read me every day and that means so much to me.  To see my readership grow, not just here in the UK but all around the world, has been an overwhelming thing.....and I thank each and every one of you for showing an interest and reading me most days!

Thank you also to all of you extraordinarily talented people out there who bring so much inspiration and enjoyment to my own reading....there are some wonderful blogs, full of creative talent, thoughts and ideas, so thank you for sharing these too!  

On this first blog anniversary, I would also like to make a special mention to the first ever fellow blogger who contacted me....something one always remembers....and that is Greet Lefèvre from the beautiful Belgian design blog 'Belgian Pearls'.  Being a great admirer of Belgian interiors, I was so pleased to find Greet's beautiful and stunningly inspirational blog and had enjoyed reading it for some time, and it was indeed one of several that inspired me to start my own.  That first kind, friendly and encouraging email from her meant so much to me in those early days of writing last year, and I was particularly touched when to my surprise a couple of days ago, she kindly featured 'Sophia Home' on her lovely blog......thank you so much Greet!  If you haven't visited 'Belgian Pearls' before....I urge you to do so right now.  Greet is a talented Belgian designer, who together with her husband runs Lefèvre Interiors who are  fourth generation cabinet makers....creating the most stunning installations. You will find wonderful inspiration from her beautiful articles.  It is always lovely when a new friendship blossoms from common interests....and I hope to be meeting up with Greet in early December when I plan to visit beautiful Bruges!

So thank you again to all my lovely readers.....if there is something you would like to chat about, do please leave a comment next time, or get in touch with me via my website at would love to hear from you!

Happy blogging and have a lovely day!

Sophia xx


  1. Congratulations Sophia! Your blog is so beautiful!
    I enjoy all of your posts! I really love to visit you here!

  2. Congratulations on a year of blogging, doesn't time fly?! And isn't blogging so much fun, it definitely brings you things that you'd never have thought of....

    Well done you, your blog is a lovely place to be Xx

  3. Happy anniversary Sophia!!!!:) xx

  4. Happy anniversary Sophia. I look forward to dropping in to our lovely blog and seeing your inspiring posts. Have a lovely weekend

  5. Dear Sophia -
    Many congratulations on your blog anniversary! It's been such a pleasure following along last year. Look forward to enjoying more of your posts, photos, ideas, etc.