Tuesday, 10 September 2013



Are you a fan of 'Plantation' shutters?  
Perhaps you are more of a curtain and blind devotee?
Me?  I love both!  
Like most of us, and particularly working as an interior designer, I have a natural love of beautiful fabrics.  There is nothing more enjoyable than choosing fabulous with clients, from the stunning and constantly changing collections.
However, for my own home, I have chosen to keep fabric window treatments to a minimum....my childrens' bedrooms, and our formal drawing-room, all have curtains and roman blinds and this felt right for these rooms.  However, throughout the rest of the downstairs.....through our glazed dining room, and throughout our open plan kitchen/sitting-room, I have no window treatments at all.....this is because after designing and building our home, it just felt right to let the beautiful oak and large expanses of glass 'speak for themselves' and to remain uncluttered by anything.  Being a newly built house, the added insulation qualities were felt to out way any loss of heat by this choice.  We live without neighbours in a quiet rural setting, and so privacy wasn't an issue either.  


However, in our bedroom, I was clear in my mind about the use of plantation shutters from the start.  As soon as the design for the floor to ceiling window/french doors in this vaulted space was conceived, I knew that it needed the simple, uncomplicated lines of this classic window treatment.  Using wide blade shutters, we can still enjoy the beautiful view beyond, even when they are across the window but tilted open.  
Easy to fold back, to allow the opening of french doors with a 'Juliet' balcony.
The full height corner windows, one by the bed and the other in the open plan bathroom area, also lended themselves perfectly to this clean lined treatment.  I love the way they let in the most beautiful, calm, diffused light towards the end of the day......casting their interesting striped shadows across the room.
I have specified plantation shutters to many of my clients over the years.....easy to clean, good insulation qualities....and above all, in my mind.....fresh and stylish to look at.
Yes.....I think you could say I am a fan!

Here is some more 'plantation shutter' inspiration for you this Tuesday morning to enjoy....

All photos above and below via: Pinterest

Shutters are perfect for awkward spaces and shaped windows......

Practical and beautiful in bathrooms.....

The ideal solution for privacy yet light during the day.....

Calm, uncluttered and clean lined.....

And if you still yearn for the softness of fabric but want the qualities of all the above, then combining the two is a perfect solution!


If you would like any help or advice in designing your dream space, then do please contact me via my website: www.sophiawadsworthinteriors.co.uk
I would be delighted to hear from you....

Have a happy Tuesday!

Sophia xx


  1. Hi Sophia! The plantation shutters look perfect in your bedroom. I am a fan of both plantation shutters and shades/curtains. It depends on the room and feeling I want to create. I love the inspiration photos as well! I think I actully pinned the first one because I love blue and white bedrooms!

  2. Your house is stunning, that bathroom....WOW!!! I love plantation shutters too, I have really noticed them becoming much popular in town, even with smaller windows.

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