Wednesday, 7 August 2013


August truly is the month of abundance in the garden.  Together with the sunny warm temperatures that we have been enjoying here in the UK, everything has positively romped ahead!

This was the view yesterday morning from upstairs at the back of the house, looking down on the deck and beyond towards the enclosed kitchen garden.

It is hard to believe that all this area was once a large car park, and although back breaking hard work, it has been so satisfying over recent years to gradually turn this unattractive site in to a now much loved corner of the garden.....and such a productive one.  Regular readers will know that I have a passion for my kitchen garden and growing  all our own vegetables.  With the addition of a new large fruit cage this year, in another area away from the house, we are inadvertently going quite self sufficient!  I grow far too much for us 'empty nesters', but it makes me happy to share and give away lovely big baskets full of freshly picked organic veg to our children and other 
family and friends.

The greenhouse temperature, boosted by our lovely warm weather, looks set to produce a bumper crop......

Large Provencal 'Marmande' Tomatoes are planted in the greenhouse bed.... heavy with fruit, waiting with anticipation to of my favourite varieties......along with yellow cherry 'Sungold' and reliable 'Gardener's Delight' planted in pots and the raised beds outside.

Aubergines......the big excitement this year!

Cucumbers and Chillies also doing well under glass.....

Hailed as a particularly powerful 'Superfood'....I was keen to grow a good selection of Brassicas......with beautiful Kale 'Toscana', 'Red curly Kale', Broccoletti, Purple Sprouting and Brussels Sprouts 'Petit Posy'.

Decorative 'Gourds' are always fun to bring inside and display in bowls or baskets...for me, always symbolizing Autumn.

'Ruby Chard'....

Runner Beans....

Wigwams of both Yellow and Purple 'Blauhilde' beans.....just starting to produce their 
delicious crop.

I have grown separately both green and yellow Courgette varieties this year in the large central box edged bed.....but can someone please explain what has happened here to this plant?  I think there's been some sneaky crossbreeding!

'Tzar' plums.....a very juicy and sweet variety....just beginning to ripen.

Onions drying out in the warm sunshine....

Squash 'Uchiki Kuri'....grown for the first time this year, after reading that Raymond Blanc particularly recommended it for flavour and storing....well, if it's good enough for Raymond, it was worth a go!

Beautiful red and cream speckled 'Borlotti' Beans....the most delicious of vegetables to eat fresh from the garden and well worth growing for this reason....but also dry well for the 
Winter months.

Crisp, fresh 'Florence Fennel'...

I hope you have enjoyed a little tour around my Kitchen Garden?  Any spare time I have.....then this is where you will find me.....a simple pleasure and a special place that makes me feel 
calm and happy!

I hope you are having a lovely week....

Sophia xx


  1. It all looks mouth watering, I long to get to the stage when our build is finished and I can really get creative in the garden.
    Lovely post as always.

  2. How lovely such good photos and all that wonderful produce. Will you freeze some of it ? chutney also comes to mind great for getting out with cheese later in the year. Last year I picked the Keswick apples from my dad's tree and made into apple sauce and froze it. That seems to be a good apple for that. At the moment I have just started to semi seriously do some water colours I find putting the paint on the paper satisfying bit like gardening !
    Kind regards

  3. Sophia, what an incredible job you have made of that car park! Your garden is a credit to you, and everything is indeed abundant. Your home looks beautiful.
    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, it is lovely to meet you. I apologize for the late reply. I hope you have time to sit and relax in your lovely garden and don't work too hard. With love, Linda x

  4. Simply stunning garden. You should be so proud and what an incredible variety. I can almost taste the vegetables from the photographs.

  5. Car park, be gone!!! Your kitchen garden is charming, Sophia! Someday we will move to the countryside and grow our old veggies and fruit.

    Now for the sundial story: what a small world! I almost purchased that sundial for the front of our garden. Yikes!!! Here is the sundial I ended up with:

    It belonged to a good friend who passed away. I love having it in our garden.
    x Loi

  6. I was intrigued by the comment you left on Loi's blog so came to see. delighted I did - your home and garden look so beautiful, I am now following you.