Tuesday, 6 August 2013


As promised, I would like to share the pictures from my visit the other week to the very special 'Chelsea Physic Garden'.  Tucked away beside the Thames in the heart of London, it is a hidden gem of a garden, and a real oasis of tranquility.


This walled garden was founded in 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries for its apprentices to study the medicinal qualities of plants.  It became one of the most important centres of botany and plant exchange in the world.

This physic garden is the second oldest botanical garden in Britain, after the University of Oxford Botanic Garden, which was founded in 1621.

The Garden's warm microclimate means that many tender plants flourish here including a number of rare and endangered species, and is a haven for wildlife. It has the largest number of fruiting olive trees in Britain and the world's most northerly outdoor grapefruit tree.  With over 100 different types of tree in the Garden, and glasshouses growing tropical and sub-tropical species, and a beautiful Fernery.....there is so much to see and enjoy.

This year, the garden is celebrating the growing of 'Superfoods'........vegetables and plants so high in nutrients, that they are considered medicines in their own right.  

My good friend Amanda and I spent a lovely afternoon wandering around the gardens in the summer sunshine, a welcome break from the traffic and noise of the City.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the garden's delightful 'Tangerine Dream Cafe'.....gorgeous home grown dishes of salads to choose from......which we enjoyed outside on the terrace.  This lovely little cafe has proved so popular, that for the months of July and August, they hold a pop up evening restaurant on Wednesday nights.....so popular in fact, that they are taking bookings for next summer........better get in there quickly!

Statue of Sir Hans Sloane, who originally bought the four acre site as part of the Manor of Chelsea from Charles Cheyne, and leased it to the Society of Apothecaries for the sum of £5 per year in perpetuity.

As well as being a beautiful feast for the eyes, this garden is truly inspiring......especially the Garden of World Medicine.  So many plants being used in both alternative and conventional drugs today.  I find it so fascinating that it is nearly always to 'Nature' that we turn for solutions.

If you are ever in the Chelsea area of London and want a secret escape for a couple of hours, then I urge you to visit this beautiful oasis.  To find out more, visit 'Chelsea Physic Garden'.

After our lovely afternoon, I said goodbye to Amanda and went to meet up with my daughter Georgie after work, for drinks and supper.  We went to one of our favourite little restaurants Megan's, a deli, cafe and restaurant on the 
King's Road.

Along with its cosy but pretty and fresh interior, it also has a large outdoor courtyard at the back, which is lit at night with candles and fairy lights, creating a magical setting.  A lovely place to go in the day for coffee or lunch.......but in the evening, this very popular little place is the perfect relaxed summer supper venue.  

The pretty and quirky outdoor space is magical and another great escape from the hustle and bustle, traffic and heat of the streets outside.....

Simple but amazing selection of Seafood and Steaks cooked on the chargrill and their famous Antipasti platters to share......it has a little touch of the Mediterranean and is definitely one of West London's best kept secrets.


I do hope you are having a lovely week?

A special hello also to all my new readers!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, it is so appreciated.

Sophia xx


  1. What beautiful photos, I loved reading this & must go there....what a beautiful sunny day to visit :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful summer Xx

    1. Hello Simone,
      Thank you so much and as you live in London, it is a must! If you do go, let me know what you think? Yes, having a wonderful summer thank you - do hope you are too?

      Sophia x

  2. Hello Sophia, what an enjoyable post. I got a book from the library called 'The Apothecary'.I didn't know until I got it home that it was a children's book, I read it anyway and really enjoyed it. Part of it was set in the Physic Garden, and I hadn't realized that it was an actual place. It looks like a little haven of peace and tranquility, and combined with 'The Tangerine Dream', sounds like heaven.
    Much love, Linda x