Thursday, 27 June 2013


Photos: Sophia Home

Good morning!
I hope this sunny Thursday finds you all well?
A quick post today, as I am running around doing various errands, working through a long list! 
I just wanted to share with you some pictures of the kitchen and dining-room, where I have recently enjoyed bringing the outside in......

We are only a twenty minute drive from the beautiful medieval town of Rye, close to the coast.
Each week they hold a large market.  Ignoring the inevitable 'tack' I usually come away with a basket full to the brim with fruit and vegetables, and flowers and trays of plants....all at wonderful knock down prices!  The other week I came away with a huge tray of white Geraniums to plant up outside in planters on our deck, but had so many that I couldn't resist bringing some inside to enjoy.

Photos: Sophia Home

The same with the beautiful French Lavender plants I bought at a recent plant on the floor of the dining-room, and one on my kitchen being enjoyed inside for a little while, before they show signs of wanting to be planted in the garden.

Two of my favourite summer enjoy inside and out......

All photos: Sophia Home

Wishing you a happy and 'fragrant' Thursday!

Sophia xx


  1. Beautiful lavender, I love the way you arranged it inside (and I love that gorgeous white dresser of your:) Hugs xx

  2. So beautiful Sophia! I love the pots that your geraniums are in. Just lovely!!!
    I loved getting to see your kitchen and dining room. So so beautiful!
    sending hugs...

  3. Dear Sophia,

    I so love what you did with the lavender!!! Just beautiful!!
    Have a great weekend!
    PS We came in from the Cotswolds yesterday evening! What a beautiful area this is!!! It stole my heart!

  4. Such lovely flowers I love the pink pots and I am also a lavender fan. The colour not to mention the smell are so lovely in a kitchen

  5. Hi, Sophia ~
    Your conservatory dining room is really beautiful and fresh. As is your collection of painted furniture. I can see we both share a passion for light surfaces.
    Have a lovely week!