Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The sun is shining, and spending more time outdoors is top of my list of priorities at the moment.  Indoor projects have either been completed over the winter, or take a back seat for the next few way to projects in the garden.

When we designed and built our home, a large deck which wraps around two sides of the house was on our wish list....and when complete, gave us the backdrop of the 'outside room' space that we wanted to achieve.  Morning sun at the back of the house....perfect for breakfast and morning coffee.  Afternoon and evening sun on the side deck which leads off our kitchen/sitting room.....a great entertaining space.  

Over the coming weeks, as summer (hopefully!) approaches, I shall be concentrating on these decked complete the next stage of my plans to turn the space in to true 'rooms'.
All weather rattan sofas and chairs are planned, (which I shall share with you soon), and I am also on the look out for some new planters.....
Browsing 'pinterest' recently, these are just a few of the stunning options I found.

Love the whicker planters in this picture, and all those in the first!

The contemporary styling and repetition of the second picture is striking and defines an 
area so well....

A simple and pretty option....

Rustic and informal....

Love these wine crate planters.....shall definitely start collecting these for stylish new seed trays in the greenhouse!

Both of the above would be perfect for what I'm looking the striking look of the slate grey but also the oak equally. Would suit both a contemporary and traditional look...

Gorgeous 'French' planters.....fresh green and white planting.....always my favourite.

Olive trees.....on my wish list!


I do hope you are having a lovely week...

Sophia xx


  1. Lovely ideas Sophia. I too have been busy outside, making the most of the sunshine, lunch outside, such a treat.
    I particularly love the olive trees in those gorgeous planters.


  2. Gorgeous aren't they! Enjoy your new garden in this lovely weather.....

    Sophia x

  3. We've been thinking about the same things for sure! I have loved photos of the woven wicker planters and would love to know where I can purchase some. I've also been thinking of Versailles planters for my patio, like the one you've shown with the green and white planting.

    I can hardly wait for the weather to warm up! I'm bursting with plans. :)

    I would love to take weaving classes from Judith Needham. I've even thought of working in a trip to the UK during one of her workshops just so I could. It seems like it would be loads of fun. Please tell me all about it of you do decide to take one of her classes!

    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a message at my blog. I always enjoy your comments.