Wednesday, 3 April 2013



One of many interior elements I am 
passionate about is flooring.  
In a recent post I wrote about the importance I stress to my clients for getting the 'bones' of a house absolutely right, before even starting on the interior elements......architectural features such as fireplaces and flooring in particular.
When we built our home, before starting on the rest of the interior, it was the flooring that firstly had to be perfect, in my eyes....hence acting as a backdrop to the entire look and feel of our completely open plan downstairs space.  

My choice was cream limestone, with a subtle veining.  Light, fresh and luxurious to the eye.......but with careful 'sealing' with the right products, it is a practical and hardwearing choice for a household with a regular stream of family, visitors and dogs!

Softened with rugs in the two 'sitting room' areas at either end of the house, it makes our home feel spacious and calm.  Beautifully cool underfoot in summer, yet with the installation of underfloor heating, it is warm and cosy in winter.  Although a fan of many types of flooring......there is nothing in my eyes like the beauty of stone.  Limestone, Marble, Travertine or Slate......smooth and contemporary......classical in finish.....or aged, reclaimed and rustic.....there is something to suit any style of home..... but in each case, an investment worth making, to be enjoyed for many years to come. 


All pictures via: Pinterest

Of the pictures above, do you have a favourite?  
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Hoping that your week is going well?

Sophia xx


  1. Such pretty floors. My favorite is the one in the laundry room with the small squares.

  2. Hi Sophia,

    What a timely post for me! My favorite is the limestone. That room in the 7th photo from top is exactly how I love it. Actually, I think it may me my favorite for outdoors as well.

    I agree with you about my patio flooring, wide stone slabs (maybe limestone?) with brick as an accent.

    Thank you for this post! I am bookmarking the images for later reference. I love the way the floors look warm, cool, beautiful and practical all at the same time.


  3. I love the look and feel of stone floors, and if I ever have a chance to replace flooring in a kitchen, that's what it will be. Even though it wouldn't blend well with my decorating style, I have to say the whitewashed brick is my favorite!
    ~ Wendi