Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Photos: Sophia home

In these freezing temperatures, it is hard but important to stay focused on Spring......hopefully bringing with it, warmer days and sunshine.

However, today I am feeling distinctly wintry still and shall be lighting the fire in my sitting room.  Not that I need much excuse.....I love to light the fire....it just transforms the atmosphere in the house....making it inviting and cosy,
 as well as very warm.


When we built our house a few years ago, our choice of fireplace was of top priority.  Over the years, I have always stressed to my clients the importance of prioritising expenditure for key items such as fireplaces and hard flooring....even if it means waiting or compromising in other areas.  A fireplace is one of the interior 'backbone' items in a room scheme which can make or break it.  You do not want to regret your decisions later!

We chose a fireplace from Chesney's, who specialise in beautiful antique and reproduction stone and marble fireplaces......our choice being a French 'Provencal' style made from English Bath Stone......and within the surround, we fitted a Norwegian Jotul woodburning stove.

We love this key interior element of the downstairs of our home, which brings us so much pleasure. Whether a place to sit quietly alone, curled up with a good book.......or surrounded by a large gathering of family and friends.....it really is the heart of our home.

So, while I light the fire.....
I shall leave you with some other fireplace inspiration.......


   Stunning mix of antique with contemporary.



and Elegant....

Above photos via Pinterest


Do you have a favourite?

Wishing you a happy...and warm....Tuesday!

Sophia xx



  1. Your fireplace is really beautiful and all the living room as well. We also light the fire in our fireplace which looks like the
    Classic in your photo, although we have warmer days. The evening it's still cold. Happy
    Easter Sophia !

  2. Hi Sophia,
    I thought we would be over fires by now!
    I'm a huge fan of real fires, I love everything about them. I don't even mind cleaning them out in the morning.
    I think your'cosy' image is my favourite.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog Sophia, and I hope you have a lovely evening,
    Liz x

  3. Hello Sophia,
    I am so agree with you that choosing a fire place is so important! It really is the soul of the room.
    You have chosen a perfect fire place for your home and Chesney's is a very good company!
    I wish you a wonderful day! Enjoy sitting around your fireplace today!