Monday, 11 February 2013


There is barely an inch of snow on the ground, but it is enough to set me off, dreaming of the mountains.............this combined with the fact that we Skype regularly with our daughter who is working in a very beautiful chalet in the French Alps as a private chef..........I am constantly reminded of life in the mountains.  I am most definitely a 'winter baby'.  Not the English 'rainy, damp miserable' sort of Winter, but the 'cold crisp, sunny, snowy' variety of Winter!

My dream is to own a beautiful ski chalet one day.  The mountains make me feel so well, so alive, so inspired.  There is no better feeling in the World to me, than to be out skiing with my family.  Once the 'mother hen' in front, directing my chicks down the slopes when they were younger.............sadly now at the back, trying madly to keep up with my grown up athletic brood!

As well as the healthy mountain air and exercise, I have to be honest and say that my equally favourite part of any ski holiday has to be the apres ski!  The long hot soak in the bath at the end of an energetic day, to sooth aching muscles, the delicious mountain comfort food and the glass of red wine or two by the fire! 

I also have a passion for beautiful chalet interiors.  I have an enduring love for this style and maybe it had a little subconscious influence on our decision to build an Oak frame house in England?  The contrast of textures of wood, stone, glass, along with the tactile feel of fur, suede and wool - all combine to create inviting, cosy, stylish interiors. 

Skiing this past Christmas was magical, and due to other commitments, that is sadly me done on the slopes for this season.  Instead, I shall continue to enjoy my lovely regular Skype chats with our daughter Georgie with all her news from the Alps, and browse gorgeous chalet interiors and dream!

Here are a few that particularly caught my eye........which is your favourite?  
Do you love Chalet Style too?


All pictures via: Pinterest


Hope you are having a good start to your week?

Sophia xx


  1. I go crazy for mountains and snow but where are they ? Unfortunately, here the weather is always chilly . That's why I dream of snowy tops and chalets and places like those in your photos. I miss all those scenes and your post made me travel and imagine
    Thank you for sharing...

    1. Good to dream! Hope it's not too chilly where you are......stay warm.


  2. Dear Sophia -
    Beautifully curated images of chalets! I love those: stylish, fresh yet warm! And how lucky is Georgie to be living in France :)
    Warm greetings from DC,
    Tone on Tone

    1. Hello Loi,

      Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, it was the 'freshness' of these chalet images that particularly appealed to me too.


  3. Wow simply stunning hope you get that chalet soon.

  4. Hi Sophia, You've captured the rustic cool chalet look that I love perfectly. A chalet of sorts is on my dream list, too. My husband grew up in the mountains near a ski resort and when visiting there, I always think the air is such a little fresher. A chalet of sorts is on my dream list, too.

    How fun for your daughter to be a chef in France! in a chalet! Talking about dreams... that's fantastic.

    Enjoy your dusting of snow. We're supposed to get a few inches here in the midwest US in the next few days.


  5. Hello Keri,

    Glad you liked the the is a lovely dream isn't it!
    Enjoy your snow in the Midwest....