Monday, 31 July 2017

HOME GROWN TREATS...Stuffed Courgette flowers.

One of the joys of growing our own abundance of organic vegetables, is the opportunity to grow things that are difficult to find in the shops, and if you can, infinitely fresher.  Nothing beats freshly picked vegetables from the garden and that to me is a true luxury!

One of my absolute favourite examples of this is baby courgettes and more specifically, the beautiful flowers that are attached, which are perfect for stuffing with something delicious and then rolled in panko breadcrumbs and gently fried in olive oil.

The recipe I am sharing today is courtesy of my daughter Georgie (Instagram @georgies_kitchen) and is one of our absolute favourites!  Stuffed with a white crab meat mixture, it will surely be a hit for any seafood fans among you.

(makes approx enough to stuff 10 courgette flowers)

10 courgette flowers (with or without baby courgette attached)
200g white crab meat
mayonnaise (enough to bind mixture)
tbsp capers
tbsp cornichons chopped
1 small red chilli, deseeded and chopped
herbs of choice (I like tarragon and mint) chopped
1 egg whisked
panko breadcrumbs


Mix above ingredients, minus the egg and breadcrumbs, together in a bowl.  Spoon mixture in to flower heads to fill, and twist the top to enclose.  Dip each flower in egg mixture and then roll in breadcrumbs.  Shallow fry flowers, and courgette if attached, in olive oil until crisp.  Lovely as a summer starter or as part of a main course with salad.

Sadly these were devoured before I had a chance to photograph the finished result!  Do try them, they are absolutely delicious!

Bon app├ętit!

Sophia xx

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  1. Hi Shophia! Beautiful photos! I liked! The flowers of the courgettes is beautiful! Kiss