Thursday, 13 April 2017


Hello everyone!
Before you say anything, yes I know I have been a very lapsed blogger.  The last month has just disappeared!  

Since returning from what was the happiest of family ski trips, I have been trying to catch my tail with so much going on.  

One of our biggest 'catch ups' has been in the garden.  Always SO much to do at this time of year!

We are now on top of most of the weeding and mulching, and I have even given the box hedging an early prune.  

 The kitchen garden has had a lot of attention too, getting it ready for the new growing season.  The greenhouse is full of seed trays and little seedlings are popping through daily.  Always a good feeling when this stage is all under way!

 Recent pickings have given us the most delicious purple sprouting broccoli and to much excitement, the first crop of asparagus.  We have been waiting patiently for the three recommended years before our first harvest, so it feels like a little celebration!

Anyone who follows my Instagram @sophiahomeandlifestyle will know that I have been feeding my addiction to box topiary this month, with a few more box balls....there will be a post coming up soon with the little project I have completed with them.  Watch this space!

Daffodils....daffodils.  So many this year!  Having naturalised beautifully, the garden has had them in abundance.  No guilt this year with picking plenty for the house!

An update would not be complete without a mention of Miss 'Delilah', who as you can see has grown so much!  (well as much as 'Mini Daxies' can)  She has grown in to such a confident, feisty and adventurous little thing, and so wonderfully affectionate too.  She is such a gorgeous and successful new addition to our family!

Tomorrow is the start of the lovely long Easter weekend, and with all the family home, I can not wait.  A few days of good food and wine, relaxing (some gardening of course!) dog walks and no agenda.

I look forward to sharing more regular and specific blog posts with you soon, but in the meantime, I'm wishing you all a very happy Easter!

Sophia xx

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