Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Any of you who have been following my Instagram @sophiahomelifestyle over the last week will know that our new little member of the family has arrived!  A special early Valentine's present to me from Mr. W which has caused great excitement in the 'Sophia Home' household!

I collected 'Delilah' our nine week old miniature smooth haired Dachshund last Friday,  just in time for the weekend, with all our brood home (often difficult to engineer at times, but funnily enough it happened this weekend?!) 

After a bit of a cry from her basket going down the motorway, she then fell in to a deep sleep.  Think it must have been the soothing tones of the satnav woman's voice that lulled her in to slumber!

Cuddles on tap once home...

...but unsurprisingly, not from our other two dogs!
Rocco appears to be laughing and playing with her in this picture, but trust me, that didn't last for long!

Decidedly unimpressed, once they realised that this little bundle of fun was here to stay, Rocco our Lab and Kiki our Cockerspaniel decamped down to the other end of the house...Delilah jumping in their bed did not go down that well!

 Poor little thing....she is trying SO hard to be friends!  I think it is going to take some time before these two old pensioners are going to accept her.  Early days!

She's a confident little thing, and unbelievably affectionate.  She also seems to have a love of 'Netflix'....or is it a nice excuse for a cuddle with new big bro?

Today the sun came out, and it was time to explore the garden for the first time.  No walks out in public yet for Delilah, until she has had her final vaccinations in a couple of weeks....

...but hitching a ride around the fields on the morning walk gets her out safely for now...and certainly all that fresh air makes her sleep well!

It's been a full on week with tackling the house training, and having to be ever vigilant and keeping the peace between this little monkey and her pensioner canine friends, but I have to say I think we are getting somewhere....all be it slowly!  She really is proving to be a very sweet and loving little dog, with such a lovely nature as well as being rather brave and feisty.

We are all most definitely smitten!


Wishing you all a happy rest of the week...

Sophia xx


  1. She is SOOO cute, Sophia!! All the pictures are cute, but the last one is adorable! :D New puppies are so exciting; I love how soft they are, their fat little tummies, and even their puppy breath. ;) We brought our Scottish Terrier puppy home three years ago next month, and I forget how cute he was then until I look back at old pictures.

    Enjoy your new companion and good luck with all the training!



    1. Thank you so much Denise! She is a little sweetie and we are so enjoying her. Growing fast! xx

  2. Hi Sophia
    She is a gorgeous puppy! Beautiful photos and love those chubby puppy paws. We have the pleasure of "sausage" cuddles and games when our daughter brings her little Archie to visit. Enjoy your little Delilah!

    Debbie x

    1. Thank you Debbie! They are such characters aren't they? Very affectionate too. xx