Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Happy Tuesday everyone, and I hope your week is going well?

Firstly I have to say that today's little post comes with a warning....it contains rather an overdose of doggie cuteness!


Followers of this blog, will know that there are two important members of our household, namely Rocco our 14.5 year old Labrador and Kiki our 13 year old Cocker Spaniel.  Both quite elderly now, but pleased to say, still in reasonably good health and enjoying life.

We have been toying with the idea of getting a new little addition to our canine family for a while, and somehow now seems the right time.  Quite what our doggie pensioners will think of a puppy in the house, well who knows?  Hopefully after the initial shock, they will grow to love her? Fingers crossed!
A miniature smooth haired Dachsund was our choice.  Small, manageable and loyal with big personalities and the energy to enjoy long walks in the countryside seemed the perfect characteristics. Stubborn with training also cropped up...but ask me again in a few weeks!  

What we hadn't appreciated, was just how fashionable these little dogs are, and a combination of being very particular on breeder and litter, proved an intensive search and we had to be vigilant to available puppies being advertised. The Kennel Club came up trumps though, and I would recommend to anyone, to always go down this route when choosing a pedigree puppy.


So here is where our search took us....to these gorgeous little bundles of joy.  Two chocolate and tan girls and three black and tan boys, just five weeks old.  I think you can tell that daughter Georgie and I were fairly besotted to say the least!

We were particularly impressed with 'Mum' Rosie...such a sweet, friendly temperament and she seemed only too happy to show off her beautiful babies to us.  This along with the background and conscientiousness of the lovely breeder Lyndsey,  made us all the more happy about this particular litter.  All very important factors to take in to account when choosing a new puppy.

What wasn't quite so easy, was actually choosing which puppy?
  Quite honestly, we could have very happily taken them all home with us!

Here she is though....this is little 'Delilah', who will be coming home to live with us in just three weeks time.   

Such a sweetie, and we can hardly wait to welcome her.  No doubt you will be seeing plenty of her in the future!


Have a lovely rest of the week...

Sophia xx


  1. Ah she is the cutest little thing... They are adorable dogs... so tiny too.. bet you can't wait to welcome her into your home

    All things nice...

    1. Thank you! She really is adorable and yes, we can't wait to welcome her home. xx

  2. OMG, she is adorable and I am sure she will be in very good company. She will be lucky to have such a welcoming home!

  3. Dear Greet,

    That is so sweet of you to say, thank you! We are all very excited!

    Love and best wishes to you in Belgium,

    Sophia xx

  4. Hi Sophia

    She is gorgeous and will bring you so much joy! I look forward to seeing what mischief and adventures you all get up to together.

    Debbie x

  5. What a darling she is - absolutely GORGEOUS! x