Monday, 24 October 2016


As wonderful as this past summer has been, I am loving the change in the seasons.  Autumn to me is one of the loveliest and I am embracing all that it brings.

We have been working hard in the garden, generally tidying and putting things to bed.  The fun part for me is always the change of planting in my pots and planters, bringing a new theme for the time of year.  Beautiful 'Crown Prince' Pumpkins and pink and white Heathers are always an October favourite, along with squashes and colourful, decorative gourds.

White cyclamen too make their way in to both inside and outside planters ...

This month we have been harvesting the wonderful glut of red grapes from our pergola vine and enjoying them particularly with yoghurt for breakfast each morning....leaving plenty of course for the birds to enjoy.

Onions and chillies have been in abundance!  This is just a small selection of what we have grown, enough to last us all year.  All keen cooks will know how many one can easily get through...the basis for many a recipe!  Onions are stored in airy baskets in the cool of the shed, and chillies I have dried overnight in the warming oven of the Aga.

Aubergines were the surprise at the end of the summer!  Having thought that they were going to be a complete disappointment due to late planting, hidden below the leaves were a lovely crop of medium sized aubergines with the most wonderful taste and texture.  I shall definitely be growing more next year.

The last of the courgettes, beetroot, carrots, and beans have been enjoyed, and we are now looking forward to enjoying the next crop of all year round lettuce, kales, purple sprouting broccoli, spinach, celariac and brussel sprouts.  In previous years the winter veg has been slightly forgotten, but with a new effort in planning and planting earlier this year, I have high hopes for this winter!

The dogs and I have been enjoying the most glorious daily walks. Blessed with many sunny days recently, our lunch time walks are a welcome break in the day, away from my desk working and daily routine.  

We are very fortunate in our little corner of rural Kent, to be surrounded by beautiful unspoilt countryside.  

Our favourite walk is through the ancient woodland that borders our land...

A haven for wildlife and the perfect place to switch off and reflect on the changing season...

A change in the weather calls for a change in meal planning here at home.  Who doesn't love the chance to indulge in warming, healthy soups and casseroles.   Local game is bountiful too, and I am keen to try a few new recipes this Autumn which I look forward to sharing with you soon.

Friends and family over for relaxed meals is always enjoyable....

... as are cosy nights in with no plans,  in front of the fire or with a good book or movie.  

The clocks may be changing this weekend, but the earlier darker evenings won't be dampening my spirits!

Tell me, do you love this time of year too?  What do you enjoy especially to welcome in this beautiful time of year?

Wishing you a happy week ahead...

Sophia xx


  1. Enjoyed every beautiful photo Sophia! The grapes hanging on the pergola is wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much June for your kind comment! Wishing you a very happy Autumn x

  2. Oh your garden is fab! I too have planted some cyclamen too along with spring bulbs (fingers crossed they will actually grow). I'm a novice gardener so it is all a bit hit and miss really. I too love Autumn, the sunsets are amazing and the crunch of the leaves on the ground. The mornings are so dark though but at least when the clock change it might be a bit easier to get up... I don't mind the darker evenings as I love snuggling up on the couch at home with lots of tea and the wood burning stove lit, lots of hygge :)

    All things nice...

    1. I agree! It's a special time of the year isn't it? Happy Autumn to you! x

  3. The coolness reprieve we get. We live in Texas in the US and we are still having 80-90 weather (our summers are triple digits). We are having some cooler days here and there and i know cooler days are right around the corner.

  4. Such a beautiful part of England, and the location of your gorgeous home seems perfect. I am really enjoying catching up on your posts Sophia - such lovely pictures showing a truly inspirational lifestyle. x