Wednesday, 18 May 2016


 Who doesn't love the month of May?
A time when gardens awaken, and start to romp ahead with new growth, bringing colour, cheer and positivity!

Having only started our garden six years ago, from what was a complete blank canvas (boggy paddocks and a car park!) everything is still relatively young.  Each Spring I look forward to the next new push on growth, which brings us a year nearer to the mature garden we have planned in our minds.

Before the many roses we have planted, bloom their beautiful pink and white flowers, it is the Tulips followed by Alliums that I so look forward to.  Here at the back of the house, we have a riot of colour including 'Dolls Minuet' and 'Ballerina'...

In the three large square beds on our main lawn we have Sarah Raven's 'Venetian collection' comprising 'National Velvet', 'Havran' and 'Princess Irene' varieties.

Beyond the kitchen gable window, there are my favourite 'Spring Green'...planted in amongst the soon to bloom white 'Iceberg' roses.

Beyond the kitchen gable window, there are my favourite 'Spring Green'...planted in amongst the soon to bloom white 'Iceberg' roses.

Last Autumn I decided to add some Spring colour to the central bed in my kitchen garden....a lovely mix of 'Dolls Minuet' and 'Raspberry Spring Green', with 'Purple Sensation' Alliums soon to pop up amongst them....a cheery site while working on getting the other beds veg planting ready.

Rocco our Lab loves to potter around the Kitchen Garden....probably because he is checking on the Plum trees either side of the greenhouse, to see if they are ready....few more months I think.  He is a dog who loves his fruit!

My greenhouse is where you will find me, while dodging the April showers... it is my 'happy place'.  Radio on, nice cup of coffee, a time to switch off from work and chores, and just enjoy the simple pleasure of sowing seeds.

To grow your own abundance of organic, delicious vegetables and fruit is a true luxury in my book...with the promise of being able to pop out to the garden each evening, and go 'shopping' for supper.  Just heaven....

Pea shoots planted in gutters will be planted outside soon, to be picked for salads and grown on for their sweet and delicious pods of peas.

Herbs and edible Nasturtiums for salads are growing in pots...

Courgettes and beautiful Crown Prince squash are amongst the many variety of vegetables that I like to start off inside the greenhouse, for an early start, before planting out after the fear of frosts.  A busy time of year for the garden, to get everything under way, but oh so rewarding.

I look forward to sharing an update on the garden the meantime, wishing you all a happy rest of the week, and thank you so much for reading!


Sophia xx

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  1. Lovely blog, Sophia! Great photos! Thank you for sharing... May is also great in Portugal. Flowers growing everywhere.