Monday, 11 April 2016


Saturday morning brought damp, dreary weather....but it also brought a very exciting delivery!

For my 'big birthday' in December,  Mr. W commissioned a bespoke piece of art for my birthday present from the very talented 'Arcangel Metal Work', based in Hertfordshire, who design and make beautiful bespoke metal pieces from staircases, furniture, gates and water features to garden sculptures.

My wonderful present was a stunning 8ft tall stainless steel garden sculpture...

Having been closely informed throughout the design process, we knew that Paul at 'Arcangel' had designed me a beautiful stainless steel spiral...

With a stunning beaten patina at the base, leading into a high shine steel edge which catches the sunlight beautifully, contrasting with matt silver edges....I absolutely adore it!

Now to be securely anchored to the ground on a concrete beautiful piece of art is here to stay, to be enjoyed for many years to come hopefully.

What a lovely and unintentional coincidence that it is in the shape of an 'S' was obviously just meant to be!

Thank you so much to my wonderful and thoughtful 'Mr. W' for the best birthday present ever....and to 'Arcangel' for creating something so very special.  


Wishing you a very happy week ahead...

Sophia xx


  1. Absolutely stunning!! Love this piece of art! Well chosen dear Sophia!

  2. Thank you so much Greet! So kind of you to say so. Best wishes to you in Belgium xx