Monday, 7 March 2016


Beautiful of my favourite of the very few flowers growing in the garden at this time of year.

With a very short vase life...we appreciate their delicate, pretty, painterly looks.  Picked at the last minute from the garden, they made a short-lived but beautiful addition to the lunch table yesterday, while celebrating Mother's Day and our eldest son Teddy's birthday....a happy family double celebration!

I love how different flowers from the garden, mark different times of the year and the family celebrations that scatter the months....

With my daughter's birthday next week too, Hellebores always remind me of this happy time of the year when they were both born...

My other son's birthday in April, will mark the real onset of Spring, with tulips out in all their glory.

For now, I shall be making the most of these beauties before their winter season comes to an end...just a day or two in the vase, but so worth it!

Do you too love Hellebores?


Wishing you a happy and inspiring week!

Sophia xx


  1. Good morning Sophia, I also love Hellebores in any guise, they are such delicate beauties. If I bring any into the house, then I always cut the heads of the flowers just below the bulbous part beneath the petals and lay them heads up in a bowl of water, that way you can see their beauty, plus I find that they actually last a little longer. It looks as though you had a wonderful Mothers Day surrounded by your lovely family. x

  2. That is such a lovely idea Angela. I shall be copying that one! Have a lovely day xx