Thursday, 21 January 2016



One of my all time classic window treatments has to be 'Plantation Shutters'.  There are of course many very beautiful fabrics, and these I am surrounded by on my client interior projects, but with the exception of enjoying these in a few rooms in our home, and using them on cushions and accessories, it is shutters for the windows, that I have chosen here at home.

Having designed and built a white weather boarded barn style home, which satisfied our love of the 'New England' and 'Kentish' look perfectly, shutters blended in well with the overall design look.

Shutters are also an ideal treatment for those awkward shaped windows.  Above you can see that they were the perfect solution for our oversized main window/french doors and tall corner windows in our master bedroom.....

My desk area in the kitchen is a beautiful sunny spot to sit and work, but so often the light can be blinding for computer work, and so again shutters were the answer, as I can tilt them to adjust the glare and still enjoy the light.

Another double height window on the staircase...curtains would have looked wrong...and large shutter slats allow us to still see the beautiful view to open countryside beyond when tilted open.

Here they have been cleverly shaped in the top right hand corner to accommodate the curved oak beam in the guest bathroom...

The kitchen too has been given the 'shutter' treatment... again wider slats have been used to take in our views in the daytime when open.

Are any of you a fan of shutters?  I would love to hear....

Thank you Jane of Shutter Frontier for the beautiful shutters....there are more on my wishlist for the coming year as you know!


Wishing you a happy Thursday evening....followers of my Instagram @sophiahomelifestyle will know that tomorrow I shall be sharing my thoughts and plans for the 'Spring Kitchen Garden' so do join me!

Sophia xx


  1. Shutters complement your beautiful home perfectly! I especially like the ones near the stairwell Debbie x