Friday, 8 January 2016


I recently heard on the radio, that the majority of people just don't send hand written thank you letters anymore, indeed any hand written notes at all. With the ease of technology, to send a quick email or text seems to be the norm these days.....and even that isn't a given!


 Call me old fashioned, but I find this very sad indeed.  I am the first to love the ease of text and email for communication, but when it comes to those special 'thank you's', putting pen to paper is the little extra effort that makes all the difference. 

For those of you who still write and love to receive a hand written note, I am sure you empathise.  When a host or hostess has gone to the trouble to prepare a wonderful meal or party, or a birthday or Christmas gift has been carefully chosen, a little note of appreciation goes a very long way don't you think? 

I am pleased to say that I enjoy receiving wonderful thank you notes from most of my friends, and heartened to see that after years of instilling this discipline in my children when they were younger, has left them as young adults automatically sending a card of thanks for any special hospitality or gift.  
So, the art of the thank you letter isn't quite dead!

If you are a stationery lover like me, who can resist a gorgeously designed note card.  This lovely 'Merci' design above is my current favourite in my on hand stash of cards to send....

Where do you stand on this matter?  Do you love to write and appreciate receiving a hand written note? I would so love to hear! 

Wishing you all a very happy, fun and relaxing weekend, whatever you have planned.  

Sophia xx 

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  1. Sophia,

    I too love hand written stationery.. and those wee notes are really pretty. I love writing out Christmas cards, birthday cards and thank you cards. Oh and when it came to my wedding, I loved writing on all the invites and sending hand written thank you notes to everyone. I love good handwriting. I never scribble my signature and love that I have a very long name- 23 letters. I'm a bit nerdy :)

    All things nice...

  2. I love sending and receiving handwritten thank you notes but I honestly don't mind an e-mail. It's certainly better than nothing.
    I know the true meaning of giving is to expect nothing in return but doggone it, I have sent presents to nieces and nephews for years and unless I check my tracking slip, I don't even know if the gifts were received, much less appreciated. Grumble, grumble.

    1. I think instilling the importance of saying 'thank you' properly in to children is one of the greatest gifts you can give them, to then take on into adult life. Thank you for your comment Gail!

      Sophia x

  3. I also like to send out hand written notes. Sadly handwritten letters are not as popular these days. I treasure all my letters from my late grand parents and love their hand writing, it is very special to have something so personal to remember them. Debbie x