Saturday, 19 December 2015



Beautiful 'Somerset House' in the heart of central London was the perfect festive backdrop to a fun family evening out last night.

This beautiful Neoclassical building, designed by Sir William Chambers in 1776, is arranged around a central courtyard.  It is a major cultural centre, hosting contemporary art and design exhibitions and events.  Summer finds the courtyard dancing with 55 fountains, but in winter this is transformed in to a beautiful ice rink. 

Last year, this wonderful Christmas 'must do' in town was sponsored and decorated by the ever stylish Tiffany's, but this year, it was sponsored by our great London institution 'Fortnum & Mason'.

Although all our children will be home in Kent from London next week for Christmas, we wanted to have a pre Christmas evening out in town with them all plus their lovely 'other halves'.  Skating seemed like a particularly fun and festive thing to do, especially as when night falls, the day time skating changes and the rink hosts 'Club nights' with the sounds from some of the best international DJs, clubs and record labels.  With a cocktail or two in the Botanical Bar in the 'Fortnums Lodge' or the Skate lounge with views over the makes a great night out!

With such a fun atmosphere, a vast spectacular Christmas tree and twinkling lights aplenty, and everyone in good spirits, we left feeling very 'Christmassy' for this morning....well a few stiff muscles and bruises from a rather spectacular fall by 'yours truly', but definitely keen to make this a new family tradition!

With skating continuing until 10th January, you are not too late to book tickets.....Somerset House  (click on link)


Wishing you a very happy weekend!

Sophia xxx

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