Thursday, 19 November 2015


I know I am not alone in saying that I have a little bit of a 'thing' for new cookery books.  I have a large cupboard in my kitchen full to the brim with them....surely more than enough inspiring recipes to last several life times and beyond!  Yet as soon as I hear a recommendation from a friend or from a magazine, promising new culinary inspiration, the chances are that a few clicks later with my good friend 'Amazon' and the next lovely book is on its way...who else can relate to that mild flurry of excitement when the postman arrives baring that anticipated parcel?

Cook book addiction aside, I am pleased to say that I have been genuinely inspired recently with two great new publications.  

The first of which is 'Persiana' - Recipes from the Middle East and beyond.  This fabulous book is perfect for any of you, who like me, love the flavours of the Middle East.  Modern, accessible recipes which are uncomplicated and me, their 'Za'atar Cod with Relish' and 'Spice Perfumed Shoulder of Lamb' are  winners, along with flavoursome, interesting vegetarian recipes too.  The 'White Bean Salad Piyaz' and 'Harissa marinated Asparagus' were very popular in our household over the summer months.

Another cook book I have been enjoying is Madeleine Shaw's 'Get the Glow'.  There has been a wealth of new healthy cookbook releases over the last year, and I have enjoyed most of them, but Madeleine's recipes are particularly appealing.  It is a book that I go through and actually want to cook everything in there and are satisfying and delicious as well as good for you....unlike one or two other uber healthy recipes from other books I have tried, which Mr. W found a little challenging,  but am pleased to report that everything from 'Get the glow' has scored well with him!

Next on my cook book radar are these!  I have always enjoyed Rick Stein's TV programmes and 'Venice to Istanbul' was particularly inspiring.

We all know how the huge success of 'The Great British Bake Off' seems to have got the whole country baking, and 'The Great British Bake Off Celebrations' looks naughty but very nice!


High on my Christmas wishlist is 'The Nordic Cook Book' (please note, any family reading...!) which is an impressive and beautiful compendium of the delicious nordic cooking of my Swedish mother's heritage that I love and am keen to explore more of, as well as the history and culture of ingredients, along with beautiful photography.

Having enjoyed all of Ottolenghi's books to date, I am eager to delve in to 'Plenty More' which has come highly recommended by chef daughter Georgie.

Link: Plenty More

Lastly, we all love the amazing Mary Berry don't we?  Aged 80 with numerous successful books to her name and of course, the success of 'The Great British Bake Off' she is still working hard, and is a true inspiration!  If anyone is going to convey confidence in her tried and trusted recipes, then it's certainly Mary, and her book 'Mary Berry Absolute Favourites' looks like the perfect edition to jazz up both family mealtimes and help with successful entertaining.

If you have been inspired by any of the above,  just click on the links, and if you have any other recommendations then I would love to hear from you....although I may just have to rethink my cookery book storage situation first!

Happy cooking!

Sophia xx


  1. Hi Sophia I can definitely relate to your "thing" with new cookery books. They are very addictive! I tend to gravitate to the health related ones and get very inspired by them. We have a lady in Australia named Sarah Wilson who has published a few books about quitting sugar. Her first one was called "I quit sugar" which is still a huge seller. It is certainly an interesting read about how much hidden sugar we are consuming! Enjoy cooking from your new books x

    1. Thank you Debbie, and happy cooking too! Sophia xx