Thursday, 22 October 2015



My love for Hydrangeas is very evident in our garden here at home in Kent.  When we designed and started planting on what was a complete blank canvas six years ago, we wanted to concentrate on bold blocks of same type perennial planting.  Roses, Agapanthus, Spring bulbs, and especially Hydrangeas....all contained within box hedge edged beds...with the aim of creating a 'Modern Country Garden'.

Predominantly white Hydrangeas....'Annabel' and the spectacular sized heads of 'Incrediball'....their bright, white, creaminess so uplifting in 
the garden and beautifully illuminating in the evening.  

One area, either side of steps up to our back deck, I have planted a variety called 'Magical Amethyst'.  This beautiful variety starts its growing season white, and slowly turns to gentle hues of pink and green.

Inspired to preserve their beauty longer, before the winds and rain take hold, a large bunch has been picked and brought inside to dry.

Hung up in the 'Boot Room', suspended from the lantern...

Only two days, and the flowers are drying this space for what I plan to do with them!

Do you have a favourite variety of Hydrangea or preserving method?  I would love to hear from you....

Sophia xx


  1. What a lovely variety. I have hanging in our garage some of our Annabelle's which have turned green and are also drying nicely. What will you do with yours? I would like to decorate a wreath for our front door but mine are too big so will probably use them to decorate around the house. Have a lovely weekend Sophia x

  2. Sophia, your 'box hedge bed' sounds gorgeous, would love to see a picture ;-) I never used to be a fan of Hydrangea, I seemed to associate them with the blue variety that was common throughout my childhood, which I don't particularly like. But there are some stunning varieties available now, which I have introduced into my garden. I hadn't thought of drying them - I will be following your plans with interest. Have a lovely weekend! Amanda

  3. Sophia,

    I can just imagine how beautiful your garden must be. I have one hydrangea set which didn't do well for me, but my mother has lots of it in her garden. It is my favourite flower. I have lots of dried hydrangea around my home- in baskets, in the fireplace in my new living room as we haven't lit a fire yet, in small jars in the window. I wait until they are fully bloomed and not really fresh, I pick them and put them in a vase with only a very small amount of water. I remove the leaves and leave them out of direct sunlight in a room that is not too hot. If they are too fresh as in they are at the high of blooming they won't dry for me otherwise they dry perfectly keeping their colour. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with yours. Hope you have a nice weekend

    All things nice...