Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Happy Tuesday evening everyone!
Hope the sun has been shining where you are today?

My last post may have been about the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, but I have to say that when the sun is shining, some credit also has to be given to the Great British seaside, parts of which score pretty highly too in my books!

Today I have spent the day with my mother, sister and two nephews down at Camber Sands on the Kent coast.  My mother has taken a week's holiday rental down there with them all, and I joined them for lunch and an afternoon on the beach.  

The lovely beach house was situated at the far end of Camber Sands away from most people and had the most gorgeous deck and views straight on to the beach and the sea beyond.  It was just perfect!  The weather was sunny and windy, and I found myself having a wonderful time flying a kite this afternoon with my nephews....now that's something I haven't done since a child!

In contrast tomorrow, I shall be heading up to London to spend three days with my daughter Georgie, who has taken a few days off her busy work schedule.  We have lots of things planned to see and do....a new restaurant to try, an exhibition to see, a barbecue with our eldest son, and of course.....some girlie shopping!  I look forward to sharing with you in a few days.  In the meantime, you can see what we get up to by following me on Instagram @sophiahomelifestyle or by clicking on the Instagram link at the top of this page!

Wishing you a very happy week....

Sophia xx

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