Thursday, 5 February 2015

'Comfortably English' is how Alison the founder and creator of 'Cowparsley at home' sums up perfectly, the company's newly launched range of beautiful wallpapers....

Having long been a regular reader of her lovely blog 'Cowparsley',  I was so happy to see Alison realise her dream of launching her first collection of exquisite wallpapers.  Proud to be a British brand, all of the wallpapers are traditionally printed in Leicestershire, England by 'Anstey wallpaper company' where they have been producing wallpapers for over 100 years, using high quality techniques.
 Knowing how wonderfully stylish the 'Cowparsley' blog was, I knew that they would be special.... 


How thrilled I was, when a parcel arrived in the post a few weeks ago from Alison, with samples of seven beautiful designs for me to see...

'Rabbits and Daisies'

'Rocking Horse and Stars'

'Dummer Rose'

'Happy Bees'

'Florence Stripe' and 'Bantham Stripe'


The inspiration behind these charming designs is summed up beautifully by Alison, in her own words:

'Inspired by country childhood memories and soft, faded English florals.  I wanted to capture the aged elegance and comfort of relaxed family houses, where decoration and much loved possessions have evolved along with the people that live there and the passing years.  The designs are quintessentially English in their feel, and is the inspiration behind them.  'Comfortably English' is the very essense of Cowparsley.'

With a range of fabrics to follow shortly....'Cowparsley at home' is set to be a perfect choice for the classic English look.

If you would like to incorporate Cowparsley at home's beautiful designs in your own home, do visit their lovely website here.

I am certainly wishing for a client project in the future in which to use these gorgeous designs...a child's nursery maybe...those rabbits and rocking horses are just adorable!


Wishing you all a very happy Thursday...

Sophia xx


  1. Thank you SO much Sophia. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you have taken the time to write such a lovely post. So kind. X

  2. The wallpaper looks very pretty Sophia. Good luck to your friend from Cowparsley!

    Madelief x

  3. What a strange friend and I were just talking about the lost art of wallpapers and wallpapering the other night. The conversation started when I told her about finding a birthday card with a description on the backside that read something about "Wedgewood Wallpaper Pattern Book". It immediately transported her back in time to her grandmother's house. She told me her grandmother was constantly changing wallpapers. A favorite bedroom in my own grandmother's house was wallpapered with the tiniest yellow rosebuds pattern. Thank you for sharing this. You don't suppose there'll be a resurgence of wallpapers, do you? We'll need paper-hangers! ;-)