Monday, 23 February 2015



Are you an 'early bird'....or a 'night owl'?

 I am most definitely an 'early bird'...


Although our day begins a little later at the weekends than the weekday work filled early starts....I like nothing better than to tiptoe downstairs early to make some tea....usually to be greeted by my two dogs Rocco and Kiki, who are usually pathetically pleased to see me....or is it because they know it is time for breakfast?

What a bonus it is now, to not wake in the dark....and for yesterday to be greeted by this gorgeous sunrise!

I just had to rush outside with my camera, and capture the beautiful light...

Frosty and cold on the deck...

Yet so warm in the glow of the sun, as it lit up and warmed the area outside my back door....

Over to the west...where the sun hit the woodland in the distance....watching the sheep rush up the hill, to the relief and warmth of that first early morning sun.

Ice melting on the pond in front of the house...

 ....and our 'willow deer' basking in the brightness.

Fooled by the sunshine....(it's cold running around on a frosty deck in pyjamas) was back inside for that welcome first cup of tea.

In the warmth of the house...

Still enjoying the beautiful Sunday sunshine, as it streamed through the windows and danced around the house....

So worth getting up early for!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and wish you all a happy, healthy and enjoyable week ahead, whatever you have planned!

Sophia xx


  1. I am very much an early bird. Love that at last the mornings are getting lighter. Beautiful pictures. Have a wonderful week Sophia x

    1. Thank you too, and enjoy these lighter mornings. x

  2. Hi Sophia
    What beautiful pictures of the morning sunlight in your lovely home. I am so looking forward to some cooler mornings after our long hot summer here in Western Australia (41 degrees again in Perth today). Just as matter of curiosity - is a "bootroom" usually part of a laundry or a separate room again used mainly for shoe storage when you enter a home? Yours looks very inviting! Wishing you a wonderful sunny week.
    Debbie x

  3. Thank you so much Debbie for your kind comment. A ' boot room' is traditionally a back entrance where we keep all our boots, shoes and coats.....ours happens to also house the laundry and dogs!

    I can imagine that you are looking forward to some cooler weather soon in Perth! My husband is in Australia on business at the moment, and his weekend in Brisbane wasn't quite what he had planned when they were hit with the cyclone a few days ago!

    Have a lovely week,

    Sophia x

  4. Dear Sophia, a beautiful morning - the longer days and warmer sun are definitely lifting my spirits as we edge slowly towards spring. But, mostly, I am just so impressed by how amazingly tidy your house is!!! Best wishes, Emma