Tuesday, 30 December 2014



 The house feels unusually quiet today....with the children back in London and my husband back at work for a couple of days... the fun, noise and laughter of our very happy Christmas is sadly over.   All good things have to come to an end of course, and make us appreciate celebrations and the people we love all the more.

The silver lining is that I am also the type of person who enjoys time on my own to potter about and I just love this wonderful 'limbo' time, between Christmas and New Year!  The world is still in part hibernation and I am fortunate that there is no hectic work agenda for me.  The weather has been glorious here in Kent, with crisp frosty mornings and cold sunny days.  Walking the  dogs, catching up with your lovely blogs and getting the house back to normal have been so enjoyable.  I have also been taking the time to enjoy two fabulous new books that I received for Christmas, that I would love to share with you.

The first is 'Hemsley Hemsley - The Art of Eating Well', written by glamorous sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley.  The foodie in me has enjoyed the Hemsley sisters' wonderful blog for some time, so I was thrilled to be given this book by my daughter Georgie (who as a chef loves to give 'foodie' presents!).  Just perfect for an uber healthy start to the year, this lovely book is packed with over 150 exciting, inventive and nutrient packed recipes.....I am totally inspired and starting tonight, I can't wait to get cooking lighter, fresher meals, after the delicious but rather indulgent treats over the last week!

The second book I am loving, was given to me by my eldest son Teddy.....he knows how much his mother loves to travel, as do we all, so 
'The New York Times 36 Hours - 125 Weekends in Europe' 
could not have been more perfect!

Taking 125 European destinations, it is packed with top tips and suggestions for the best things to do, to make the most of 36 hours in each City. It is a great 'Taschen' publication, following the New York Times' popular newspaper column of the same name.  Already I have wonderlust and am dreaming of our next trip away....along with some well known destinations high up on my wish list, it gives a real insight in to ideas for lesser thought of destinations.  Highly recommended, and like all Taschen publications, a beautiful book.

Two great reads that satisfy the foodie and traveller in me....perfect to cuddle up with on the sofa with a hot cup of tea....in my case, the delicious new discovery of 
'Taylor's 'Sweet Rhubarb' which again is highly recommended!

Who can believe that tomorrow is the last day of the year?  The last twelve months have flown past and have been particularly fulfilling for me.  Inspiring interior projects with lovely new clients, some exciting and memorable travel, happy celebrations with family and friends, and enjoyable projects here at home and in our developing garden.  I have so enjoyed sharing these with you, and I would like to thank each and every one of you lovely readers from all over the world, so much for reading me, and for your generous and positive feedback and kind words.... 'Sophia Home' would not exist or certainly would not be the same without you!  I look forward to sharing more with you on the blog in the coming year....

I wish you all a very, very happy, inspiring and above all, healthy 2015!   

With lots of love,

Sophia xx


  1. Wishing you a sparkling new year Sophia. I'm off to check out the book your Son bought, sounds really good. Xx

  2. Happy, Happy New Year, Sophia! Thanks for sharing those books. That travel book sounds fabulous. We spend a lot of time in Europe, and I love discovering new places. Cheers