Monday, 27 October 2014


My husband received several very thoughtful, personal and special presents for his BIG birthday back in August, but there was one in particular that touched his heart….

My mother knows how much he adores his beloved Labrador 'Rocco', and so she commissioned very talented artist Christine Jenkinson to paint a special portrait of the great man himself!  

Christine lives near to us in the neighbouring county of East Sussex, and is renowned for dog and animal portraits that capture the unique character of the subject, and also for atmospheric and highly detailed landscapes and rural scenes.  She visited our home in secret when my husband wasn't here, earlier on in the summer, and I was so impressed by the amount of time she spent with Rocco that afternoon to truly get to know his personality.  Anyone who knows this gorgeous gentle giant agrees, that she has truly captured his kind and loving nature….

At twelve years old, Rocco isn't getting any younger….so you can imagine that to capture his beautiful face in oils is a very special thing indeed.
His portrait now takes pride of place on the wall in our entrance hall for all to enjoy.

Have you ever had your pet's portrait painted?  If not and you are interested in doing so, I urge you to visit Christine Jenkinson's website by clicking the link here and viewing her outstanding 
portfolio of work….a true talent!


Wishing you all a very happy week!

Sophia xx


  1. Rocco is absolutely gorgeous! I certainly understand your love for black Labrador retrievers...we have been blessed with 3 over the past 15 years.
    beautiful portrait.

  2. How wonderful. She's captured him beautifully.....those eyes! Xx