Tuesday, 2 September 2014



Do you know what I mean by that 'Back to school' feeling?  Even though my days of the school run for my own children are over now, and of course my own school days a distant memory, September and the start of the school year stirs up a feeling of anticipation for new beginnings….

Childhood memories of the excitement of new shoes and a freshly stocked pencil case (I know, sad, but I was like that?!) are now replaced with a desire for a fresh approach to my work space and business.  From the small things like a bit of a shake up of systems and the reorganisation of my files, perhaps a new look for a change of stationary and letter head, and business cards….through to exploring further and instigating some of the bigger new venture plans that I have been nurturing for a while!

To be creative, my working environment is very important to me.  To have everything on hand but in great storage is a must…. 

….and flowers and a favourite scented candle brighten and make the dullest day seem special….

 I have had the great pleasure of working on a couple of beautiful 'studies/home offices' for clients recently…one smart, formal and manly and the other light, fresh and feminine….once drab unfinished spaces but both now transformed in to fabulous, inspiring places to work, with great storage, lighting and beautiful furnishings.  A favourite of recent projects!

 Whether you work from home, want somewhere to organise the family schedule, somewhere to write that potential novel in you, or purely somewhere to sit and plan and day dream, here are some gorgeous work spaces which inspire me….

Light and feminine…

Smart and masculine…

Industrial and eclectic...

Ultimate organisation...

Compact and bijoux…



Whether you have the luxury of a designated room to call your own, or have an organised but cosy corner of your kitchen (like me!), what do you consider the important elements for a productive and inspiring work space?  I would love to hear from you!

Wishing you a happy Tuesday…

Sophia xx

For help and advice to create your dream schemes, please contact me via my website www.sophiawadsworthinteriors.co.uk


  1. I love this post. I am longing for my designated work space, currently a shed, to be finished. It will eventually be lovely, it even has a small woodburner installed so that on those chilly days I can work comfortably. It will be somewhere for the dogs to lie and keep me company! I am intrigued by your "plans" for your business.
    I totally agree with your new term feeling. Each year I feel that lovely sense of new beginnings. I loved the new school books, yes, and the pencil case. I can even remember the lovely smell of pristine school uniforms and a satchel!! X

  2. Your new work space sounds fabulous! How exciting. You must do a post on it, when it's complete! Have a lovely week.

    Sophia x

    ps. Oh yes….a new satchel was the ultimate wasn't it?! x

  3. Hi Sophia,
    As you know I'm a great fan of this time of the year. I love that beginning of term feeling.
    Your images of study's make me want to knock mine back into shape - after having been commandeered by my son , and now sliding back into junk room mode again!
    Some great inspirational shots.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x
    Ps were any of the photos of your work?

  4. Hi Liz,

    Have fun redoing your study! You'll be pleased with the end result I'm sure….

    No, none of the above images are my own work, but I do hope to be updating the gallery on my website with some more recent projects, in the near future!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sophia x