Thursday, 12 June 2014


Home again now, after five wonderful days in beautiful Stockholm with my mother and sister….what a treat it was!  Stockholm really is one of the most stunning cities, and if you have never visited, I would urge you to, because it is fabulous in every way!  A series of interlinking islands, beautiful architecture, a fantastic water front cafe culture and delicious food….the perfect long weekend!  When I have edited the huge number of photos that I took, I look forward to sharing some of the highlights with you soon….

How lovely it was to arrive home the other evening, to be greeted by the 'White Rose Garden' in full bloom!  Now in its fourth summer, I don't think it has ever looked so lovely and abundant with flowers, as this year…. David Austin 'Iceberg'….the box hedging too has really matured suddenly, from the little plants they started out as.

Here you will see a small Portuguese Laurel waiting to be transferred in to a larger terracotta pot….this is one of several left over hedging plants, that we are nurturing in to a standard tree….may take a while, but hopefully worth persevering! 

A climbing versions of 'Iceberg' have really taken off this year, both around the arched side entrance and the central obelisks…

 If we are lucky, as in previous years, we should be enjoying and picking these beauties all summer long….in fact, we have even picked one or two final blooms on Christmas Day in the past!

Enjoy this glorious weather we are having, and have a happy Thursday!

Sophia xx

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  1. Absolutely stunning Sophia - am just about to plant a rose garden (white of course!) at the front of the house - so very interested in yours.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, and so pleased your trip to,Stockholm was a success,
    Liz x